10 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Drink Water

The importance of drinking water to your health may seem common sense. You probably know that water carries nutrients in and wastes out of the cells of your body. But are you aware that water gives you a lot more than that?

Below are the 10 surprising reasons why you should drink your 8 ounce glasses of water every day – however busy you are and yes, however tempting those numerous beverages displayed on the grocery fridges are.

1. Water Makes &ou Thin.
It’s true. In a time of weight loss fixes, water is probably one of the most effective natural ways to drop pounds. Studies proved that there’s an inverse relationship between fat deposits in the body and water intake meaning if you have less water intake, you’ll have more fat, and if you consume more water, you’ll have less fat.

How so? If there’s a water shortage in your body, your kidneys won’t work optimally and some of their functions are shifted to your liver. Your liver is responsible in metabolizing stored fat into energy which you can use. However, if your liver is covering for your impaired kidneys, it cannot metabolize fats in its full capacity. Hence, more fats remain stored and you gain weight.

2. Water Gives You a Healthy Heart.
A 25-year study at Loma Linda University in California involving 20,000 participants found out that increase in fluid intake causes a decrease risk of heart disease. The study showed that those who drank 5 or more glasses a day of plain water are less predisposed to developing fatal coronary heart disease than those who drank less than two glasses. The researchers said thick or viscous blood puts a person at risk for heart disease but if he drinks enough water, his blood becomes more diluted.

Some authorities also said that water prevents another major cause of heart disease: the build-up of cholesterol in the arteries. Here’s why: if a person is dehydrated either by not drinking enough water or by consuming beverages like coffee, the blood becomes acidic. Acidic blood may tear the arteries. Since cholesterol protects the arteries, it will then coat the arteries to make sure they withstand the acid in the blood that flows through them. This will prevent embolism but if it happens frequently, it will lead to the deposit of fats – one of the causes of heart disease.

3. Water Keeps the Bones Strong.
According to a book on the health benefits of water by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, water prevents Osteoporosis, a condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile.

Dr. Batmanghelidj explains that without water, bones won’t be able to absorb the minerals like Sodium and Calcium they need for them to grow and become strong.

He said that if the body is dehydrated, most of the water in the body will be utilized in body organs that are of immediate importance like the blood, gastrointestinal system, heart, and brain. Hence, the bones won’t have enough water to use thereby rendering bones to weaken and become prone to fractures.

4. Water Improves Memory and Concentration.
Have you ever felt lethargic, confused, or out of your wits when you’re extremely thirsty? This proves how sensitive the brain is to water loss. To function well, brain cells need a balance between different elements and water. Therefore, if you don’t hydrate adequately, your brain cells will become inefficient making it difficult for you to remember and to focus.

5. Water Prevents Brain Diseases.
The human brain consists of 85% water and thus, it cannot tolerate losing even a single percent of its water content. If the brain is dehydrated meaning it contains 84% or less of water for a prolonged period of time, your brain cells will malfunction. In addition, your brain vessels will be damaged and will result to hemorrhage, clots, and plaques which are all known precursors of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders.

6. Water Makes You Look Young.
Dr. F. Batmanghelidj also explained in his book that when the body is short of fluids, the first body part that compensates for it is the skin. Through perspiration, the skin uses its stored water to cool the body. Thus, if your fluids are low, you get dry skin. And if drinking less water becomes a habit, you’ll end up having prune-like skin.

With reduced water volume in the body, there will also be a decreased capillary circulation meaning there won’t be enough blood reaching your skin. Result? You won’t have that so-called pinkish glow. In short, you’ll look older than your age.

Furthermore, water improves muscle tone as it gives muscles the ability to contract. It prevents sagging skin since water plumps up shrinking cells further making your skin looking supple and healthy.

7. Water Prevents Cancer.
Providing your body with sufficient amounts of water is said to reduce the risk of having three of the leading death-causing cancers: colon cancer, breast cancer, and leukemia.

Three studies to date showed that individuals who drink the required daily amount of water are less likely to develop colon cancer than those whose water intake is low. This is because water dilutes toxins in the bowel and speeds up the passage of stools thus shortening the contact of carcinogens or cancer-causing chemicals with the linings of the large intestines.

If cells are adequately hydrated, they are better able to fight carcinogens, according to a study. Hence, by consuming water, breast cells become more resistant to carcinogens thereby decreasing odds of breast cancer occurring.

Water also prevents leukemia as it is said to help normalize the body’s blood manufacturing system in the bone marrow.

8. Water Fights Depression.
Depressed? Just drink water. Depression is caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters particularly serotonin. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that carry signals in your brain and nerves. They are formed from Tryptophan, an amino acid that regulates your body’s salt content as well as your mood. However, when you are dehydrated, tryptophan is broken down more quickly in the liver and neurotransmitter production is decreased. This causes serotonin imbalance, and thus, the blues.

9. Water Makes You Sleep Well. Another neurotransmitter is melatonin which is responsible for sleep regulation. Again, when you drink water, you help in its production. An ample amount of melatonin helps you sleep soundly at night. Just drink water two hours before going to bed so you’ll have time to get it out of your system. Otherwise, you’ll have more difficulty sleeping because of your many trips to the bathroom.

10. Water Protects Your Eyes.
You don’t have to buy expensive eye drops to get rid off dry eyes. Lubricate your cornea by simply holding your eyes closed for a minute every hour and yes, drinking your regular amounts of water. Your cornea is 80% water so it’s easily irritated once it’s short of fluids.

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