4 New and Realistic Reasons to Work Out

For some people who love to exercise, working out comes naturally as a part of their daily routine. For others, exercising can be a tough chore. It’s like they would rather do any other thing than get off the couch to sweat out some calories. Since exercise is an integral part of staying fit and healthy, it is necessary to do something about this attitude. Now we all know that exercising can bring a longer life and ward off diseases. But despite that, people still find it hard to exercise. Maybe if people look at exercise in a different perspective or in a way that would gratify their desires and needs, they would be more motivated to take on this habit and love it in the process.

Below is a different way of looking at exercise benefits.

Reason # 1 – Exercise can help you snag the girl/guy of your dreams.
The person of your dreams has always been there right in front of you, he/she seems so near yet so far. What’s stopping you from making a move or introducing yourself? Is it because you don’t have the confidence or that you don’t look good enough?
This is where exercise comes into the picture. A good exercise workout can help you get in tiptop shape that will give you the confidence you need to approach that person you’ve been desiring.

Reason # 2 – Exercise can help you earn more money.
Hardly anyone seems to make a connection between earning and exercise. In fact, many people even use work as an excuse not to exercise (“I’m too busy with my job”, and “I don’t have time to exercise after work”). The truth is, exercise can catapult you to career success. It’s no secret that stress is a big part of work, and that stress can cause diseases, eventually leading to missed work and unproductivity. Exercise cuts into the scene to boost the immune system so that you won’t easily succumb to health problems. The healthier you are, the more productive you’ll be, and the more money that you’ll rake in, if you can see that connection.

Reason # 3 – Exercise can help your dwindling social life.
Exercise is a good excuse to interact with people. Whether you’re organizing a group jog, participating in a hiking adventure, or attending a yoga class, you won’t be able to get away from human interaction. This can be a good thing for you if your social life has been on the rocks for quite a long time now. Exercising can get you to meet more friends.

Reason # 4 – Exercise can help you say goodbye to bluer days.
If you’re feeling quite depressed lately, exercise is a good way to boost your mood. That’s because during any physical activity, the brain releases serotonin, which is a mood enhancer. This is why, after an hour or two of working out, you can feel that natural high that no other activity can give you.

So keep working out and enjoy its returns which include longer and better quality life, disease prevention, and psychological benefits.

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