5 Reasons Why You Should Not Drink Coffee

Many people are convinced that they can’t live without coffee. They can’t start the day without having a cup or two of coffee with their breakfast. At work, they even look forward to their “java break”. And after supper, they still need a coffee fix. In fact, caffeine is one of the most commonly used drugs in our society as it is found not only in coffee but also in other foods such as tea, soda and chocolates, among others.

Because of the dangers that caffeine poses to human health, some say caffeine should even be prescribed by a doctor. Indeed, despite the known harmful effects of consuming caffeine excessively, many still do. If you’re one of them, you should consider reducing your caffeine intake or cut it entirely. Below are the reasons why:

1. Caffeine Lowers Fertility. High caffeine consumers were found half as likely to become pregnant per menstrual cycle as low caffeine consumers. In one study, over a period of one year high caffeine users were found to be almost five times as likely to fail to conceive as a comparative group of low caffeine users.

2. Caffeine makes you Dumb. Some students drink caffeine to stay up late to study thinking they will remember the material they’ve reviewed. But the truth is, caffeine causes you to feel more anxious and nervous, thus making it harder for you to remember and comprehend, thus making your academic performance poorer.

3. Caffeine just Postpones Tiredness. Rest is the only cure for tiredness. If you want to keep working till midnight by energizing yourself with caffeine, you’ll wake up in the morning a lot more exhausted. Tiredness is one of the body’s natural ways of saying it needs to rest. Don’t hurt yourself by letting caffeine suppress this protective mechanism.

4. Coffee is Addictive. You’ll notice that as time goes by your coffee intake is increasing. You might have started with a cup a day but now you need to have at least three cups. If you think you’re drinking coffee because it makes you feel better – that is, without it you’re uneasy, trembling or lethargic – you’re actually just fighting withdrawal symptoms.

5. Coffee Harms the Body. It makes you restless, nervous, jittery, and unable to sleep. It causes stomach irritation, diarrhea, heart palpitation, headaches, depression, mild delirium, and maybe even seizures. In addition, caffeine is linked to coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, birth defects, hyperacidity, and cancer of the stomach, pancreas and bladder.

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