5 Signs that Your Kitchen is Fattening You Up

For some people, one of the most relaxing parts of the house is the kitchen. This is where the cooks master their craft. This is where the foodies find the mouthwatering delicacies that send their taste buds soaring, and unfortunately, their diets crashing. If you begin to notice that your jeans do not fit you anymore, it is time to step back, look around, and check out whether your kitchen is fattening you up.

Here are the red flags that you should be aware of if you see them in your kitchen. These red flags are the reasons why buttoning your jeans is becoming more difficult these days.

1. You use big plates. It is a natural tendency for people to fill up their plates and finish whatever is on them. If your plates are bigger than normal, you might want to consider buying smaller ones (8 inches in diameter, or even smaller, is the suggested size) or load your plate with healthier options and put the higher-calorie meals on your salad (small) plate. This is also true with your glasses. According to a study at the University of Illinois, people tend to pour more drinks (soda, milk, or juice) if they use short, wide glasses than when they use tall and slender ones.

2. Your kitchen is brightly lit. Bright lights stimulate the appetite, thus causing you to race through your meals. Before eating, make sure to turn down your light switches to help you relax. However, your light should not be too dim, since studies also reveal that low light settings lessen a person’s inhibitions.

3. Your storage is filled with unhealthy foods. It is okay to have a pint of ice cream in the fridge and other sweets for dessert. However, if most of what you have in your kitchen are unhealthy, then you surely need to get rid of them. It is because these foods are always your first solace when you are stressed or your first option if you are watching late-night movies with your spouse. Free up some space and stock up healthier food choices. Put tempting foods in opaque containers and place them in an inconvenient spot in your kitchen. That way, when you are craving for some desserts and you need a step stool just to get them, you will be forced to reconsider your options.

4. Most of your foods are in supersized packages. While it is true that bulk shopping help cut food bills, supersized groceries will likely encourage you to supersize your meals. According to research, people are more likely to eat and finish a single portion of their food, no matter what size it is or caloric value it contains. If you want to do yourself a favor, repackage your snack foods into smaller containers as soon as you get home from the grocery store.

5. You have cluttered counters and tables. From car keys to bags, kitchens are often dumping grounds of whatever it is on our hand when we enter the home. If you have a messy space, it becomes more difficult to eat healthy. It is easier to order pizza or grab some potato chips than to clean the countertop and cook. De-clutter your kitchen and designate spots for mail and newspapers and other non-kitchen stuff. Reserve an area in the kitchen for meal preparation and especially for eating. Accordingly, when you are distracted, you tend to eat 15% more, so make sure to have an area in the kitchen for eating only.

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