6 Danger Signs of Pregnancy

To ensure a pregnancy without complications, you should be able to recognize the 6 danger signs of pregnancy. If you have any of these, it doesn’t mean that there’s already something wrong with you and your baby, but it alerts you that something might go wrong. It’s critical therefore that you see the doctor right away if you’re experiencing even just one of these:

1. You’re Bleeding.
If you’re having vaginal bleeding while you’re pregnant, consult your doctor immediately. It doesn’t matter if it’s profuse or mere spotting. Vaginal bleeding may warn you against miscarriage and placental problems. But it can have less harmful causes such as hemorrhoids. With your baby’s welfare at stake, however, it’s still better to let the doctor evaluate you.

2. You’re Vomiting Persistently.
During your first three months of pregnancy, it’s expected that you vomit about twice every day. But if it continues until your 3rd month, this can harm you and your baby. Excessive vomiting will not only dehydrate you and your unborn child. It will also deplete the nutrients in your body that your baby needs to grow inside of you. As a result, you’ll be at risk of preterm birth. Also known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum, persistent vomiting often requires hospitalization for at least 24 hours.

3. You’re Having a Fever.
Fever during pregnancy, especially if it comes with chills, should never be taken for granted. A rise in body temperature usually denotes infection. Infection may cause sepsis or blood poisoning in both you and your child and this may be fatal. Of course, your fever may be due to other benign causes but since you can never be sure, visit your doctor.

4. You’ve Felt a Sudden Gush of Fluid from Your Vagina.
A sudden escape of clear fluid from your vagina may mean that your membranes have ruptured. If this is the case, your fetus and you are in danger. Here’s why:

(a) You and your fetus will be prone to infection because your uterine opening is no longer sealed.

(b) Your baby’s umbilical cord might be compressed by his/her head which will reduce your baby’s oxygen supply and therefore, may cause his/her death.

Again, vaginal fluid escape maybe harmless. In fact, it’s often confused with involuntary urination which is normally experienced by pregnant women. Your doctor however is the only one who can determine if that’s the case through a vaginal exam.

5. Your Abdomen or Chest Hurts.
Abdominal pain during pregnancy maybe associated with ectopic pregnancy, placental separation, preterm labor or other threatening causes like appendicitis or pancreatitis. If you’re having chest pains, you may be having pulmonary embolus or a sudden blockage of a lung artery which may be fatal. Your pains maybe due to less dangerous causes but again, let your doctor decide.

6. You Always Feel Dizzy.
This may mean that you’re anemic. When you’re pregnant, you need more iron because you’re now sharing your mineral stores with your baby. Pregnant women are usually prescribed with iron supplements. Another possible condition related to dizziness is high blood pressure. Hypertension, if left untreated, is dangerous to a pregnant woman as it may lead to complications that can be fatal to both mother and child such as preeclampsia. If you often feel dizzy, don’t take this lightly. Tell your doctor.

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