Acid Reflux: What Foods Do You Have to Avoid?

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), better known as “acid reflux” to most people, is a condition that needs a lot of understanding and support from loved ones and friends. This is when the lower esophageal sphincter does not function normally, opening at varied times, resulting to a regurgitation of acidic stomach contents back up to the esophagus.

It really takes a lot to make sure that your loved one or friend with acid reflux always has as much fun as you do when you go out for a movie, shopping or dinner. Attacks of acid reflux may happen in any place at any time and it’s very important to know how to deal with it.

One way to deal with acid reflux is to avoid certain foods that trigger it. Here are those foods to avoid:

1. Fruits – Fruits like orange juice, lemons/lemonade, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, and tomatoes trigger the onset of GERD. These fruits are highly acidic, increasing the acidity in your stomach, causing irritation and resulting in great pain with reflux.

2. Vegetables – You could eat any kind of vegetables except for fried potatoes and raw onions. Fried potatoes or fried vegetables have high fat content that aggravates GERD. Raw onions are spicy and have sulfenic acid that adds to the acidity in your stomach.

3. Meat – Even if it is very difficult to do so, you have to remove Buffalo wings, chicken nuggets, sirloin with marbling, and ground beef from your diet. These meats have high fat content.

4. Dairy Products – Removing dairy is like removing fun from your life. But you still have to do it; so get rid of regular cottage cheese, ice cream, milk shakes, and sour cream from your list of favorite foods. These yummy treats have very high fat content.

5. Grains – Pasta is comfort food and it is the easiest to prepare on short notice aside from sandwiches. If you have to deal with acid reflux, you have to stop eating spaghetti and macaroni & cheese as well.

6. Beverages – Tea (any kind), coffee (any kind), liquors, and wines should be avoided when you have GERD. Caffeine blocks the stress management mechanism in your body and when this happens, there is acid reflux.

7. Dressing/Dips – You have to avoid using creamy salad dressings and vinaigrette in your salads. Just eat them fresh with salt and pepper. Creamy dips should also be erased from your list as well. These are very high in fat and acid so you really have to avoid them.

8. Desserts/Snacks – This may be the ultimate test because it is so hard to give up snacks and sweets. But you have to avoid fatty regular potato chips, corn chips, doughnuts, brownies, high-fat butter cookies, and chocolates.

GERD or acid reflux can be dealt with, if you know what food items to avoid. You could check out the menus of restaurants or parties before you go, so that you could just choose what you could eat beforehand. Consult your doctor or nutritionist for more possible food items, certain activities, and medications that you should avoid. Living with GERD can be done! You just have to be vigilant.

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