Apply These Proven Tricks to Soothe Your Colicky Baby

It’s normal for babies to cry. They cry when they’re hungry, thirsty, tired, sleepy, in pain, or uncomfortable. But what isn’t normal is if they cry even when they’ve just been fed or rested, and if there seems no other reason for the fussiness. If that’s the case and if it happens all the time, it’s possible that your baby has colic. Soothing a colicky baby can be a major challenge but these proven tricks may be helpful for you.

Swaddle Your Little One
If you’re an adult, being swaddled may seem like restricting. But for most babies, it gives them the familiar environment of their mother’s womb. Swaddling helps in a majority of babies who cry for no apparent reason. Just make sure that you don’t swaddle too tightly as this may cause the blood circulation to be hampered. Snug him just enough that he won’t be able to wriggle his arms and legs out of the swaddle. If you’re living in a warm place, opt for a light material blanket to use as a swaddle.

Shift Your Baby’s Positions
Sometimes, babies are not comfortable with the position you’ve been holding them for quite a time. So it’s always a good idea to try another position. This also works if uncomfortable gas is the source of your baby’s dismay. Hold your baby facing down. Put your hand under his belly and let his head rest on your forearm. This will relieve him off the pressure and soothe him.

Create Some White Noise
Another way to recreate the soothing environment inside the womb is to create some white noise. White noise can be anything from the electric fan’s sound, the dishwasher’s rotation, or the static tune on the radio. Just see to it that the sound is maintained in constant low level.

Shush Into Your Baby’s Ear
This works for many babies. Their mothers would go near their ear and give a gentle shush and this seems to calm him down. You may need to up your voice a bit if your baby is crying loudly so that he can hear you. Not so loud though as that can damage his auditory nerves. Repeat the shushing until your baby stops crying.

Take Him for a Road Trip
When your baby was still inside the womb, he was always in motion especially if you were moving around a lot. Recreate this scenario by taking him for a ride when he’s feeling fussy. If you don’t have a car or if you’re already tired and stressed out from his crying, a rocking chair or a swing can do the trick.

Give Him a Body Massage
You know how massage can soothe you and relieve your tension. It’s not any different with babies. Colicky babies not only love the skin-to-skin contact, they also feel pleasure being rubbed and massaged gently. Massaging your baby on the legs, arms, chest, and back will calm not only him but also you. You’d enjoy rubbing his sweet soft skin.

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