Are Working Moms Raising Children with Behavior Problems?

During the earlier days, being a housewife used to be the ultimate career for all women. While in fact this mom’s job at home deserves a great recognition and respect, some women feel they are just not cut out for it. These women are thankful that they’re living in a modern society where being a working mom has become an acceptable practice.

Despite that, some working mothers still can’t get that nagging thought out of their heads that they are bad mothers by not being available for their children 24 hours a day. They feel guilty that they don’t spend as much time with their kids as stay-at-home moms and that they are often buried under loads of work. What adds more to that burden is some people’s beliefs that being a working mom increase the risk of behavioral problems among children.

Working Mom
If you’re a working mom and you love your kids so much, here’s some good news:
According to the study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, kids whose moms work outside home don’t have increased risk for behavioral or emotional problems. About 64 percent of American moms with children younger than 6 work outside their homes as stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even with that, the researchers of the study didn’t find any detrimental effects on children’s behavior and development.

Stay-Home Mom
In fact, being a stay-at-home mom may even have some negative effects on young girls. A study has found that the risk for behavioral problems is doubled for girls whose moms are not working outside the home for the first five years of their life. It may be rooted from the dependence of young girls on their mommies. This may have adverse impact not only on the behavior of girls but also on their emotional and social developments. On the other hand, additional income and independence can have positive effects on children with working mothers.

The choice of caregiver also plays a significant role. If you’re a working mom and you leave your children in the care of an efficient, kind, loving and trustworthy adult, there is little chance for your children to have any problems. Problems arise when you make a mistake in your choice of caregiver, when you leave your children to the hands of an irresponsible and reckless adult who couldn’t care less about their welfare.

Quality Time
Aside from that, the parents’ quality time with the children is another factor. It’s not only the mother who should be involved with the kid but also the father. In an ideal home, even if both parents are working, they should spend ample quality time with their children. Quality time isn’t watching TV together or being in one room at the same time. It refers to meaningful bonding opportunities that involve interaction, educational activities and expression of love, care and support.

Gratifying Job
On top of that, it’s important that a mother loves and enjoys her job. Having a gratifying job can help maintain a positive and happy outlook, which is a key ingredient in good parenting. Now, if your job shoots up your stress levels up to the roof that you cannot have a quiet dinner with the kids without barking at one of them, it’s time for reality check, as this may take a toll on your children’s welfare.

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