Are You Addicted to Facebook?

Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) has become a widespread problem especially among teenagers and adults aged 13 to 28. This psycho-physiological disorder is characterized by excessive use of internet to the point of interruption of work, social relationships, and everyday responsibilities.

Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD).
One of the most common such forms is Facebook Addiction Disorder.

Facebook, a giant social networking site, has enjoyed massive popularity among not only youngsters but also adults. This site allows you to keep in touch with your friends, post photos and videos, and use a number of game applications for entertainment. However, excessive use of Facebook can lead to addiction. A frequent user is not automatically labeled as an addict. In order to have this condition, you need to have the following set of criteria for a period of 6 to 8 months.

Tolerance like in alcohol means that your need to achieve satisfaction increases over time. For example, if you used to log on to Facebook thrice in a week, after some time you will begin to feel that it is not enough. This will then lead to frequent use of Facebook until you cannot go through the day without opening your account.

Distress and Anxiety
A Facebook addict will feel distressed whenever he/she cannot log on to his/her account, when the internet connection is not working, or when the computer is working slower than it’s supposed to. Also, a Facebook addict will be plagued with obsessive thoughts over what are written on his/her wall.

Interruption of Daily Activities
Another way to detect Facebook addiction is by looking at a person’s everyday life. If a person uses Facebook everyday but only for a few minutes and that it never affects any of his/her work, social activities, and other responsibilities, then that’s not an addiction. It becomes such if you delay or cancel other activities in order to focus on your Facebook time.

In some cases, people would cease going out with friends or seeing their families just because they want to spend more time browsing through other people’s walls or playing Facebook application games. Employees who are addicted to this social networking site are seen to have a major decline in work productivity. Obviously, they spend more hours of their day browsing through this site than getting any work done.

Treatment for Facebook Addiction
The first step in treating this disorder is identifying your signs and symptoms. You cannot treat a problem that you don’t believe you have. It’s a must that you yourself recognize that you are debilitated with this disorder so you’ll be able to get appropriate help.

Once you recognize the problem, you can take the necessary steps towards treating it.

– First, limit your screen hours.

– Then, control yourself from obsessively thinking about what’s happening on your wall.

– It’s also important that you keep yourself busy and occupied with other more worthwhile things such as your job, social relationships, and your loved ones.

– If you can, do a cold turkey on yourself and avoid Facebook for a period of time until you can manage your time well.

If symptoms persist, get help from a reliable therapist.

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