Bach Flower: Therapeutic Effects and Issues on Safety

Bach Flower is a diluted mixture that contains flowers from different plant species. It was developed and perfected by Edward Bach, a British physician who believes in the healing, soothing, and revitalizing properties of certain species of flowering plants. This unique dilution of certain types of flowers has been known to uplift, not only the physical condition, but also the mental, emotional, and even spiritual condition as well.

Reported Uses, Treatments and Preparation
As an essential part of the human element, emotions play a vital role in our everyday health. With this in mind, Bach flower is believed to reverse signs of negative emotions such as loneliness, uncertainly and hopelessness. If you happen to lose that vigor and interest in your everyday living, then Bach flower promises to upend such loss of interest.

To prepare the dilution mixture, collected parts of the plants are boiled in water. However, some of the flowers are sun-dried first before soaking them in water. To preserve the resulting tincture, brandy is mixed with the dilution. The tincture is taken by placing a minute amount on the tongue, where it is then absorbed.

Because Bach flower comes in a wide variety of mixtures, practitioners initially obtain essential information from their patients to identify which specific type of dilution may be needed to treat the patient’s condition.

Advantages and Disadvantages
Although some patients have reported significant improvement in their emotional state, particularly the gradual alleviation of anxiety, more medical research is needed to demarcate the scientific results from the subjective claims of individuals.

Noting that alcohol is a main ingredient in Bach flower tinctures, patients with alcoholism should avoid this treatment. The side effects of alcohol, such as nausea or drowsiness may be a good reason for some susceptible patients, especially pregnant women, to search for alternatives.

It is always important to note that seeking professional help is always the best option in the treatment of some emotional states. As you may notice, some of the conditions that Bach flower promises to alleviate are mostly psychological in origin. Thus, professional opinions and recommendations for treatment should still serve as the benchmark of any subsequent action plans to deal with the conditions. After all, there is still little to no scientific evidence that Bach flower can effectively treat conditions such as major depressive disorder, narcissism, phobias, mania and other psychological or mental conditions.

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