Baldness – Modern Treatments and Interventions

Baldness, or alopecia, is one common condition that a lot of people experience. It occurs in both men and women and in all ages. There are many causes of baldness and these can include genetic inheritance, use of harmful commercial chemicals for the hair, symptom of a disease process, etc. When going bald, there is a problem on self-image disturbance especially if the one experiencing it is a teenager. The good news nowadays is that balding is already a treatable condition. Thanks to the advance technology our scientist innovated, one can grow hair back.

Some of the popular procedures that can solve hair loss are listed below:

Hair transplantation – The first solution to alopecia or baldness involves surgery and this is called the hair transplantation. This is done by harvesting healthy hair follicles on an area on the head with growing hair. There are two ways to harvest such follicles and these are the Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation. These follicles will then be transferred and implanted on the balding area so that hair will grow back on and cover the bald patch.

Laser therapy – The technology used here is of course laser and it will aim to target balding areas to stimulate hair growth through the process of photo-biostimulation. Low level laser will be used on this procedure to prevent burns and prevent too much radiation from hitting the body cells.

Scalp reduction – Scalp reduction is a surgical procedure that is performed only by skilled physicians well versed with surgeries for baldness treatment. This is done by removing the bald scalp on the head of the patient and the remaining scalp with healthy hair growing on it will be stretched to cover the open area. The best candidates for this type of surgeries are those that are only partially bald. If one is balding but still have growing hair on the sides and back, he or she can undergo the scalp reduction treatment. This treatment may be combined with hair transplantation as needed.

Flap surgery – The last solution to baldness is flap surgery. This is done by transplanting flaps of tissue where hair grows into the bald spot. The bald spot is first excised and then replaced with the new tissue flap where hair grows abundantly and healthily.

There are still many other surgeries that can be employed to treat baldness condition. Some of it is still under study to ensure that it is indeed beneficial to patients having hair loss. In order to determine which surgery is right for the patient, it is important to initially seek advice from a surgeon.

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