Battling with Obesity

We have grown into a society obsessed with becoming thin. The problem with this is that people have the wrong motivation towards this goal, which is why we often see failures among people who want to achieve the state of being thin. The truth is, being thin shouldn’t be about the glitz and glamour, but it should be about the negative health repercussions of being overweight or obese.

Obesity, which is a medical condition characterized by having excess body fat, has always been a problem in the United States. The problem lies not primarily in the physical appearance of the person suffering from obesity, as what is emphasized in the media, but in the reduced life expectancy and increased health problems such as heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, and certain forms of cancer.

To be considered as obese, a person would have an additional 30kg/m2 on the standard body mass index. To say that fighting this disease is difficult would be an understatement. But just like with any other challenges that come our way, it is possible to tackle this problem with the right mindset and attitude. Here is a lowdown on battling with obesity.

Exercise for overweight people is already difficult. Imagine how hard it is for someone who is suffering from obesity. Because of this, it’s important to note that a major exercise program may not be realistic for a person with this condition, given the person’s physical limitations. But even a modest exercise program can do so much in reducing risks of health problems.

In short, a person doesn’t have to undergo a complete workout in the gym but would already benefit from a few minutes of brisk walking everyday. It is also necessary to consult a fitness instructor when it comes to an exercise program to ensure that the person exercises only within his/her means.

Low-Calorie Diet
Exercise never works alone. It works hand in hand with a very low-calorie diet for people who need to lose weight the healthy way.

Before undertaking a weight loss diet program, it is also vital that one consults a professional dietician, a doctor, or a nutritionist.

Some people make the mistake of creating their own diets, thinking that it’s just as simple as skipping lunch or dinner. Even if a person is trying to lose weight, he/she still need to take in sufficient nutrients to keep himself/herself in tiptop health. A health expert can create a well-balanced diet to ensure just that.

Weight Loss Medications
It might be necessary to undergo weight-loss medications, but this would be under the discretion of the patient’s doctor. It should only be used along with a correct weight loss diet and exercise program.

Counseling/Support Groups
Battling with obesity is never easy. To know that there are other people also undergoing the same predicament can be a good source of strength. Counseling as well as support groups can play a huge role in a person’s battle with this medical condition.

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