Bedwetting: Does This Require Medical Attention?

Bedwetting is usually not a serious problem but it can be embarrassing especially if the kid is already old enough. More often than not, kids stop wetting the bed on their own. Developing bladder control is a part of growing up, although it can take a while for some children to do so.

Causes and Symptoms
If you’re worried about your child’s bedwetting problem, there’s nothing that should stop you from seeing a doctor. Your doctor can easily tell you without having the child undergo tests if the problem is caused by an underlying medical condition or not.

However, bedwetting can be caused by Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) if it is accompanied by symptoms such as:
– pain during urination
– abdominal pain
– fever

In this case, a visit to the doctor is indeed necessary. Another case that may call for a visit is if your child has been dry for about 3 months or longer and then has begun to have the wetting problem again. This may be a sign of urinary tract infection or other health problem that warrants a doctor visit.

It’s possible that the bedwetting problem results in your child’s social withdrawal. He/she may not be spending time with friends in fear that his/her condition will be discovered and made fun of. He/she may also have low self-esteem because of this.

Even if there is no health problem found, the visit to the doctor can still be useful as the doctor will give tips and techniques to your child on how to have better control over his/her bladder.

Some of the recommended strategies include:
– using the toilet before sleeping
– not drinking soda and caffeinated beverages: These beverages are diuretics, meaning they make a person release more fluids than necessary. Not only are these drinks unhealthy, they can also cause dehydration as well as bedwetting.

Various Bedwetting Ages
It’s also a must for parents to remember that children develop bladder control at different ages. Some would stop having wetting problems at around 5 or 6 while it may take longer for other kids. Some may wet until 10 years. If a child is in top health condition and has more dry than wet nights, then the bedwetting is most likely not caused by a medical condition.

Before Visiting The Doctor
Going to the doctor shouldn’t be stressful or embarrassing to your child.

To effectively ease any stress that he/she might be feeling about the visit:
– Remind him/her that bedwetting is a common problem that even older kids experience.
– Don’t forget to assure your kid that it’s not his/her fault that he/she wets the bed.
– Make sure that you talk to him/her about what to expect, before you take your kid to the doctor.
– You should also inform your little one that there’s nothing to be scared about the visit as this would only be like a routine checkup.

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