Best Outdoor Activities for your Health

If your idea of going out is grabbing a cup of coffee or two with your friends, or hitting the bars for an all-night escapade, then you seriously have to reconsider the healthiness of your outdoor activities. The outside world is great – it gives you fresh air, beautiful views, and lots of opportunities for physical activity. This is why, it is important that you recognize the difference between healthy and unhealthy outdoor activities so you can easily gear up for those that will be beneficial for your well-being. Here is a compilation of the best outdoor activities for your health.

Running is great for so many reasons. It burns calories, strengthens your muscles and bones, and pumps your blood so that air gets to your body parts more efficiently. Like any other physical activity, it also promotes the release of endorphins from the brain, which are feel-good chemicals that boost your mood. Even if you feel tired after running around the neighborhood, you’d still feel very good after.

Hiking or Walking
If running is too much for you, then go hiking or walking. Hiking in national parks or forests doesn’t only offer spectacular views that you can feast your eyes on, it is also an excellent cardiovascular workout. It also strengthens the heart, pumping blood to various parts of the body. If you don’t have the time to travel to parks or forests, the next best thing would be to go on brisk walking around the neighborhood. The same result is achieved. Just make sure that you choose a peaceful area for your walking activities. This way, you won’t get stressed over the hustle and bustle around.

Another wonderful activity to try out is cycling. Riding a bike is a challenge for some but for those who know how to do this, it’s an excellent way to get around. You don’t burn gas that can cause harm to the environment and it still gets you where you need to go. In terms of health benefits, cycling can burn calories, develop leg strength, and boost immune defense.

If you love the winter season, skiing is a nice way to work out not only your body but your mind as well. Aside from the physical benefits of improved circulation and increased alertness, skiing can also relax your mind and melt the stresses away.

Kayaking is a low-impact activity that can do so much for your body. It’s an aerobic workout that improves your flexibility, reducing the risk of wear and tear on muscle tissues and joints. It also works to make different muscle groups stronger. And because of the splendid scenic views, it’s also effective as a de-stressor.

Gardening is one outdoor activity that doesn’t require you to go outside your yard. In this activity, you can go through the rewarding tasks of cultivating soil, raising plants, and harvesting crops or flower blooms. All these physical activities are instant isometric and isotonic aerobic exercises that are beneficial for your health.

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