Best Sports for a Full Body Workout

Engaging in sports can do wonders for your health. Build stamina, increase range of motion, improve strength, and boost the mood – these are just few of the many things intense physical activity can do for you. It’s especially advantageous for you if you’re the type who doesn’t like to go to the gym to step on the treadmill or lift weights. Below, you’ll find some of the best sports that will give your body a full workout.

Despite the concern for flying racquets, squash isn’t that dangerous. It’s a game any beginner can take on. The most impressive thing about this sport is the amount of calories you can burn playing it. An hour of squash can burn up to 1,000 calories, making it the ideal sport for those who’s trying to shed unwanted pounds. This sport can also improve cardiovascular strength, muscular endurance, quickness, and lower body strength.

When you look at the rowing team sweep those rows slicing into the water, they make it look easy. It’s not. But when you do become a rower, you will reap the benefits of building strength, increasing endurance, and toning the muscles. It’s not as intense as squash when it comes to burning calories, but it tones different muscular groups that can result in lean ripped muscles. And you don’t have to go out into the water to do this. There are many rowing machines you can find at gyms that serve this purpose.

Cross-Country Skiing
When it comes to full body workout, cross-country is difficult to beat. The fact that you’re working out in a cold environment, the warming of the muscles increases metabolism that can burn calories away. It is largely for increasing endurance but it can also benefit the muscles and the heart.

Shooting hoops and running back and forth on the basketball court make basketball a good anaerobic exercise. It increases endurance, builds lower body strength, and improves quickness. However, it is high in injury risk due to the frequent turns, twists and stops.

The list won’t be exhaustive if swimming is not included. As we all know, swimming is beneficial for cardiovascular health and muscular endurance. If you engage in interval training, it can aid in strength-training and weight loss. The ideal routine would be to swim two lengths of the pool while maintaining correct form. Do this as fast you possibly can. Take a break for a few minutes then repeat the process.

For building endurance, cycling is the best sport. It’s also ideal for former runners who already have experienced the impact of their old sport on their knees and feet. Cycling gives less impact and pressure on the body, whileing building endurance and muscle strength. The only problem is that it doesn’t work out a person’s flexibility that much.

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