Brain Exercise: Improve your Memory and Problem Solving Skills

You may notice that as the years go by, your memory is not as sharp as it used to be. As we age, our brain ages too along with its functions like memory and problem solving skills. That’s why our brain needs all the exercise that it can get in order to maintain its health and prevent fast aging, just like our body needs exercise.

Getting Your Brain on the Treadmill
Research has shown that mental activities and exercise help improve your memory bank, thus preventing or minimizing memory lapses. A regular dose of mental exercise is beneficial. It improves memory functions and cognitive skills. This keeps your memory sharp and helps you in analyzing problems. So how then can you build and maintain those extra brain connections?

– Learn a new language.

– Learn a new musical instrument.

– Engage in a game of play cards or Sudoku.

– Finish a crossword puzzle from time to time.

– Keep learning by taking a different class each time.

– Indulge in a series of math games.

– Read a new literature every week.

Mental exercises should be done consistently in progressing manner. It is analogous to the exercise we give our body. When the muscles have reached a plateau level, the intensity of the workout must be increased. The fitness program is changed and cross training is performed. You could also cross train your brain. When your brain has been doing the same exercise for a period of time, try increasing the level of difficulty. By challenging your brain this way you make it more resilient and sharper.

Since the mind has a very powerful effect on the body, keeping it in shape will boost your overall physical well being. Arm yourself with a positive attitude. This will make it easier for you to adopt a routine of mental exercise. Be happy and have fun while stretching those exhausted neurons. Harness the power of positive thinking and keep those brain cells running towards optimum health.

When coupled with sensible diet and healthy social interactions, you are on your road to a fitter brain.

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