Bringing your Child to the Dentist without the Fuss

It’s your child’s first visit to the dentist. For many parents, this can be a major struggle since most children are afraid of going to that doctor who pokes into their mouths. But this can be a worthwhile experience for you and your child if you follow these practical tips.

Take your child to the dentist as early as possible
Bring your child to the dentist when the first tooth appears. The idea is that the earlier you bring your child, the less scared he/she would be and the bigger the chance of preventing dental problems is. If your kid becomes comfortable in the dental clinic, it wouldn’t be a problem to return there anytime soon. The trauma usually occurs when the parent brings the child to the dental clinic when there is already a problem like a very painful toothache. If the first visit of the child is about that, and worse if his/her tooth is extracted because of this, that’s when the trauma starts and for a long time, he’ll be fussing about trips to the dentist.

Be positive about your child’s first visit
Don’t let your child hear horror stories about going to the dentist or watch movies where kids scream their lungs out inside the dental clinic. Don’t even mention anything about being afraid of the dental visit. If you tell your kid not to be afraid of the dentist, unconsciously he would begin to wonder why you would mention that if there is really nothing to be afraid of. Instead, be positive about it and treat it like an ordinary task to be done.

Encourage your child to ask questions
Your child is probably curious about the dentist, the clinic, and everything that goes on in there so he/she might have questions about it. Encourage him/her to ask away and answer in a nice way every query, so that he/she would know what to expect.

Choose the right timing
Timing can be everything when bringing your child to his/her first dental visit. Don’t pick the time when he/she’s tired, sick, or not feeling in the mood. It would be the best time when he/she’s feeling great so that he/she can associate the positive feeling with the dental visit.

Establish proper dental care
Along with bringing your child to the dentist, you also need to establish proper dental care routine as early as now. Teach your child how to brush his/her teeth correctly every after mealtime. Encourage him/her to avoid sugary snacks that can cause tooth decay. It’s okay to eat them once in a while but excessive snacking on sweet items is not only harmful to his/her dental health but also the overall health.

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