Building Your Teen’s Self Esteem

Feeling good about who you are can be one of the most difficult things for a teenager. Many teens suffer from low self-esteem, feeling insecure and self-conscious about their body, intelligence and social skills. As a parent, you need to guide your teen through this challenging phase of her life and help her build self-esteem that she would need to conquer whatever difficulties that come her way. Here are some practical strategies to teach your child.

An insecure child will have a difficult time relaxing, especially when faced in situations that cause anxiety. Teach your teen how to relax during these situations. Learning how to do that will enable her to see the big picture and not sweat over the small stuff. It’s easier to have a positive mindset if you’re in a calm state.

Look at Strengths
Another vital strategy for self-esteem building is taking inventory of one’s strengths. All of us have strengths and weaknesses. It just so happens that some people tend to focus more on their bad side than their good side. If that’s the case with your child, it’s easier to detect where her trouble with self-esteem is coming from. You’d probably often hear her whine how she’s not pretty or how bad her figure is. Take your time to reassure your child that she is beautiful in her own right and to point out all the good things about her.

Let Your Child Shine
Provide opportunities for your child to shine. Let her do things that she enjoys and those that she’s good at, so she can find her niche and be proud of herself. Does she love to dance? Enroll her in a dancing lesson. Is she good in sports? Encourage her to sign up for the basketball or swim team. Do you see artistic skills in her? Buy her arts and crafts equipments to get her started. Whatever it is that she’s good at, motivate her to do more of that.

Show Her that Nobody’s Perfect
It’s also essential that you inculcate in your teen’s mind that no one is perfect. Even those celebrities and models that seem glittery perfect on camera also have their own flaws. Many girls make the mistake of wanting to be like these people and feeling low when they are not able to do so. Show your kid that being perfect isn’t something that she needs to achieve. What she needs to accomplish is to learn to love herself for who she is instead of wishing that she were someone else.

Celebrate Small Victories
Make your child feel valuable and loved all the time. One way to do this is to celebrate even the smallest victories. Treat your teen to a movie night out with the family if she aced that exam she’s been studying hard for. Complement her for putting together a nice outfit for her upcoming prom. And don’t forget the big-deal-things as well. Throw her a fun and cool birthday bash to celebrate the mature woman that she’s becoming. For most people, it’s easier to feel confident when you know that you’re loved.

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