Can Burgers be Healthy?

Burgers have always been notorious as junk foods. Remember the documentary entitled Supersize Me? Along with the fries and soda, it also features the detrimental effects of burgers on your health. Now here is some good news for burger lovers. Burgers can now be made into healthy snacks that you can get more of. Here is how.

Choose the Right Bun
Start by picking the right bun to use for your healthy burger. Whole wheat and rye buns are great because they’re rich in dietary fiber that can reduce the risk of colon cancer. When buying these buns in the supermarket, check the packaging and find those that list whole grain or whole wheat as one of the ingredients.

Be Generous on the Mushrooms
Mushrooms particularly those white buttons are wonderful for your health. They improve immune function, inhibit development of tumor, and fight free radicals that can cause cancer. This is according to a study made by the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston.

Add Lots Of Onions
This dynamite bulb has countless benefits for the body. It’s rich in iron so it’s beneficial for people with anemia. It’s also anti-coagulant so it can tone down the cholesterol levels and help prevent heart disease. Its anti-inflammatory properties are helpful for gout and arthritis. On top of that, it can fight bacterial infection, lower blood pressure, prevent colon cancer, relieve constipation and flatulence, and many more.

Sprinkle with Herbs
When making the burger mix, add dried rosemary. This won’t only boost the flavor. Since herbs contain antioxidants, they can help fight the free radicals in the body that cause premature aging and even cancer. Herbs also help cut down the salt on the patty since they already add spice and flavor to the food.

Make a Healthy Burger Patty
Often, it’s the patty that takes the blame for the burger’s unhealthiness. The good news is there’s a way for you to make it healthy. For one, you can buy the leanest and lowest-fat meat that you can find in the supermarket. If you’re going for beef, choose one that’s at least 90 percent lean. If you’re buying chicken or turkey, choose the breast parts only. Don’t get the fatty dark meat, and do away with the skin.

Don’t Forget the Leafy Greens
Make the burger even healthier by adding leafy greens to the ensemble. But instead of the usual pale iceberg lettuce, go for dark leafy greens such as arugula. This veggie is packed with glucosinolates, which according to a study made in the Boston University School of Medicine, is a type of phytochemicals that can prevent cancer.

Squirt the Ketchup
As finale, squirt some tomato ketchup on your burger not only to complete the taste but also to enjoy the benefits of lycopene, an effective cancer-fighting antioxidant. It’s also rich in vitamin C. Go for dark-red, low-salt, and low-sugar ketchup. Organic ketchup that has 50 percent more lycopene is also a smart choice.

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