Can iPhone Measure Stress Level?

When the iPhone first arrived, Apple promised to change the way doctors did their work. However, applications that are supposed to allow doctors to look at lab results, MRIs, and patient charts never materialized, or at least have not yet. What emerged instead is a stress measurement tool that enabled people to monitor and measure their stress levels through one’s bodily functions.

Stress Check, by Azumio
It is not to be considered a piece of medical gadget but it can be an instrument of good health. The new iPhone app called Stress Check by Azumio is able to measure one’s stress level. This can be done by placing a finger over the iPhone 4’s camera and flash module since the lens is able to detect the person’s heart rate.

A few minutes after you place your finger on the camera and flash module, the app measures the heart rate variability which correlates with a person’s stress level. It tells you if you have high or low stress level. If you’re found to be stressed, it recommends that you stop what you’re doing and opt for relaxation techniques.

Practical Stress Reduction Techniques
If you’re frequently stressed and you have an iPhone, you’d want to get this application. But don’t just stop there. Make sure that you also learn effective and practical stress reduction techniques for the sake of your health. Here are some things that you can do to de-stress.

• Identifying
First, identify the sources of your stress. It can be the obvious – work, household chores, and so on. It can also be coming from hidden sources – people around you, habitual things that you do every day and so on. It’s crucial that you are able to identify the sources of your stress so you can cope with them in a healthy manner.

The healthy ways to deal with these are to:
– avoid
– alter
– adapt
– accept

Avoid: You can avoid the source of stress by not putting yourself in situations when you know that you’ll be stressed out.
Alter/Adapt: You can also alter or adapt to the situation by changing your frame of mind.
Accept: Finally, if you can’t do anything about it, you must learn to accept it. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them.

• Relax, And Have Fun
Second, it’s a must for you to make time for fun and relaxation.
Reduce stress in your life by engaging in healthy stress reduction techniques such as:
– going for a walk
– spending time outdoors in nature
– getting in touch with old friends
– exercising
– writing in your journal
– soaking in a warm bath
– lighting up scented candles for aromatherapy
– enjoying a warm cup of coffee
– getting a massage
– reading a good book
– working in the garden
– playing with your pets
– watching funny movies

• Avoid Bad Things
Finally, you must stay away from unhealthy ways of coping with stress as this can do more damage than good in the long run.
These include:
– smoking
– drinking alcohol
– overeating or undereating
– watching TV or using the computer for long hours each day
– withdrawing socially
– using pills or drugs
– sleeping too much

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