Caring for Your Facial Skin Everyday

Skin is your primary defense against all harms. It is the first part of your body that takes on the daily abuses while playing, at work, at school and even at home. Also, this superficial organ is the best indicator that something is wrong with you on the inside.

Among all the areas of your skin, your facial skin is among the most sensitive and is the one that is immediately exposed when you go out. With that in mind, you should take good care of your facial skin and maintain its optimal condition.

Here are some of the basic points regarding taking care of your facial skin everyday:

– When you wash your skin in the morning, make sure that you use cold water or ice water. You could also rub your face with ice after washing it with tepid water. These cold treatments close or tighten the pores so that when you go out, your skin is shielded up, warding out all of the unwanted impurities.

– As much as possible, use a soap that is prescribed by your dermatologist. This will assure you that your skin will not be irritated by any hidden harsh chemicals that may come with commercialized beauty soaps.

– Tone up your skin with a solution that is recommended by your dermatologist. This will help tighten the pores up some more.

– Do not forget to apply a moisturizing sun block that is compatible with your skin type, preferably from your dermatologist as well. This will protect your face from impurities and from the damaging effects of the sun.

– If you use cosmetics, make sure that they are non-comedogenic (ie, do not clog your pores). For oily skin, only use oil-free make-up.

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– Sun can get pretty hot during mid-day. You could just sneak off to a washroom with clean water and have a quick wash. You better keep your soap, toner, and moisturizing sun block then. You may not have the ice treatment but the toner will do the job.

– If you do not have access to clean water or cannot have a wash up, hypoallergenic facial wipes would be helpful.

– Before going to bed, it is a must that you get rid of all traces of impurities on your skin. This includes make-up and all that excess oil and dirt. To facilitate efficient cleansing, use your antibacterial soap and warm water. The warm water opens up the pores and makes sure that every bit of dirt and oil is eliminated from your pores.

– Apply an antibacterial cleanser on your skin. This removes all the traces of impurities that may be left on your skin. It also leaves a protective antibacterial coat to protect your skin while you sleep.

– Dab on non-comedogenic gel moisturizer on your skin. This will assure overnight hydration that will help rejuvenate your skin as you sleep, without blocking your pores.

In addition to all of these, you should remember to drink eight to ten full glasses of water everyday. You should also take your daily supplements including antioxidants. Make sure that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables because the high fiber content that they provide get rid of all those toxins. Getting rid of smoking and drinking alcohol also help a lot because these substances seriously dry the skin.

By managing your skin well, you are also improving your overall health.

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