Children with OCD

Most families with children that have OCD will often testify that finding out that the diagnosis was quite distressing. In such situations, it is common that the family members (i.e. the mother and father) feel guilty that they are responsible for the disorder in one way or another. Thus, it becomes important for these family members to enlighten themselves on OCD and its symptoms as well as how to help their child cope with the disorder.

Background on OCD
The first thing that one should know about OCD is that it is a brain disorder that causes a child to have often irresistible obsessions and impulses. As stated, most parents may in some way blame themselves or their partners for having been careless and letting their child fall prey to OCD. It is crucial that these parents understand that as severe as obsessive compulsive disorder may be, it is not their fault in any way. Once the parents have come to terms that they could not have done anything to avoid it, they often ask what could have caused the disorder.

A lot of researches have been done on the genes that may be involved in the inheritance of OCD. However, to date scientists have been unable to pinpoint a particular gene that is responsible for the disorder itself. However, studies indicate that the disorder does have a highly likely genetic component. Thus, it is only a matter of time before the researchers find if the cause of the disorders lies within our genes.

A strong link has been found by scientists that identifies the child's environment as one of the major factors that may influence development of OCD. This is not to mean that the parents caused the OCD. The OCD environment factor should be taken to mean that certain elements in the child's environment may introduce the obsessive habits that the child may eventually take up.

The Child's Brain function
Perhaps the most important cause is the way a child's brain functions. The brain may be biologically constructed in a way that promotes the development of OCD. A common cause for OCD symptoms has been found with serotonin secretions secreted by the brain. If the child's brain constantly secretes low amounts of serotonin, it may result in the development of OCD.

The exact causes of obsessive compulsive disorder are unknown. Research is currently underway to identify these causes and ways of how to better prevent them.


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