Choosing Safe And Durable Car Seats For Your Kids

Road Accidents are more common than you think. Even if you are a careful driver, you’ll never know when a drunk or reckless driver would hit your car or something would suddenly appear in front of your car and make you lose focus and control. This makes it imperative to protect yourself and, of course, your children from possible car accidents.

Child Car Seat is designed for this purpose. It was created so that infants and children are protected against mishaps on the road. Having the right car seat for your child can save his/her life one day. In fact, it’s government mandated. The laws for installing car seats in the vehicle if you have a child or children differ in every state, although most states require them for all children younger than 4 years or weighing less than 40 lb or 18 kg.

A child not properly secured in a car seat can be seriously injured or even be killed during a car crash or sudden stop, even if the parent is driving at low speeds. The arm of the parent is not strong enough to protect the baby during the accident, which is why unrestrained children are instantly killed during road accidents.

It’s best that you always set a good example to your child by buckling up yourself so it’s easier for him/her to follow it. It’s also a must to explain to your little one about the necessity of car seats. On top of these, you need to buy durable and suitable car seats for your child.

The first thing to keep in mind is to buy a car seat that’s appropriate for your child in terms of age and weight.

Infant Car Seats
Choose an infant car seat that can recline and face the rear until your child reaches a year old and weighs 20 lb or 9 kg.

Toddler Car Seats
A toddler seat that faces front and comes with shield or harness is ideal for children at least 1 year old weighing at least 20 lb or 9kg. This can be used until the child no longer fits. This is usually until he/she reaches four years old.

Booster Car Seats
– A child who’s at least four years old and weighs 40 lb or 18kg can use a booster seat that comes with regular lap and shoulder belts.
– This can be adjusted so that the lap and shoulder belts would fit your child snugly.
– Remember that the belt should be fitted across the shoulder and not the neck.
– This seat is to be used until the adult seat belt can fit the child. This is usually when the child reaches the age of 8 and the height of 4 ft or 1 m.

Buy New Car Seats
– Make sure that what you buy is new.
– It’s also a must that you check the brand. Go for reputable manufacturers that uphold excellent quality and safety standards.
– Never buy a used car seat. A car seat recalled or one that has been in an accident should not be used. It will not protect your child fully.

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