Colon Cleansing: A Step To Better Health

If you are looking to improve your health, getting a colon cleanse is a good way to start. The colon is just a small organ, but one that plays a major role – it sweeps the toxins out of the body. The toxins that somehow get into the body are swept away by the colon, under normal circumstances. But when the toxins are getting into the body at a rate faster than the colon can handle, the colon clogs up and eventually bogs down.

You will know that your colon is not working properly anymore when you experience bloating, constipation, gastric disturbances, plus a host of many others. Cancer may even develop as a consequence of a clogged colon. Thus the expression goes “Death starts in the colon”.

Well, so does good health.

It becomes imperative then to get a colon cleanse every once in a while. Colon cleansing may be done in different ways. You can have a colon cleanse in a facility where there are specialists trained to perform the procedure or you can choose to have a colon cleanse right in your home, too, but under the guidance of a specialist. If you decide to have it at it home, here are some likely options:

• Colon cleansing kits. There are colon cleansing kits in the market and they go by different names. Ask your doctor what kind of kit is most appropriate to you.

• Colon cleansing diet. Going on a colon cleansing diet is a good way to rid the body of toxins. This means that you will be consuming hi-fiber fruits and vegetables in juice form, and nothing solid.

• Fasting. Going on a fast means not taking anything by mouth (no solid and no liquid other than water) for one or two days. This allows the body to rest so it does not accumulate any more toxins. This method of cleansing the colon is not recommended to people with medical problems, though, especially those who are ageing, with diabetes, and on maintenance drugs.

This needs to be emphasized – never do a colon cleanse entirely on your own, even though you think you know everything there is to know about colon cleansing at home. A misguided colon cleansing procedure may result in diarrhea that can complicate into severe dehydration, and that can be fatal.

Getting a colon cleanse does not and should not eliminate the need to take care of your colon to prevent the building up of toxins. Including high-fiber foods in the diet is very important, as is drinking at least eight glasses of water every day.

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