Crooked Teeth: Is This A Problem?

Yes, it can be a problem. Some people are born with perfect pearls that are not just white and shiny but also aligned properly. Others, meanwhile, are not so blessed and they have teeth that grow in crooked, overlapping or twisted positions.

– It may be due to the size of the mouth, which means it’s too small so the teeth become crowded.
– Crooked teeth also can be due to having upper and lower jaws that do not match in size.
– It’s also possible that you lost baby or adult teeth too early, or you suffer from improper fit of dental restorations such as crowns or fillings.

Other causes of crooked teeth are:
– gingivitis
– mouth or jaw tumors
– pressure on the teeth and gums
– jaw misalignment after facial injury
– other oral health problems

Crooked teeth as well as misaligned bites can:
– interfere with correct chewing
– make it harder to clean the teeth and thus increase risk of cavities and tooth decay
– strain the teeth, jaws and muscles that may lead to tooth breaking
– cause for a drop in people’s self-esteem.

In this sense, yes, crooked teeth are indeed a problem.

Self Diagnosis
How do you know if your teeth are crooked or your bite is misaligned? The following are good indicators that you have these problems:
– abnormal alignment of teeth
– abnormal appearance of face
– speech difficulties such as lisp
– struggle or discomfort in biting and chewing

If you see your dentist, you would be referred to an orthodontist. An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in the treatment of crooked teeth and misaligned bites.

When you visit the orthodontist, he/she will perform an X-ray testing. He/she will also photograph your face and take teeth impressions to determine what type of treatment you need. X-rays provide clear picture of the position of your teeth. A special type of X-ray called panoramic X-rays will show the connection among the teeth, jaws and head. Teeth impressions are made by making you bite onto a soft material that will be used in molding an identical copy of your teeth.

– removable retainer
Once the orthodontist confirms that you do have crooked teeth or misaligned bite, you may be asked to use a removable retainer. This is designed to stabilize the teeth into a new position so that the problem will be corrected.

– extraction
For those whose problem is due to overcrowding of teeth, it would be necessary to remove one or more teeth.

– braces
Others would be recommended to use braces.

– surgery
Only in extreme cases that an operation would be necessary. This is very rarely recommended by orthodontists.

More Than Low Self-Confidence
Crooked teeth can bring more than just a drop in your self-confidence. It can also affect your daily activities and even your overall health. For example, if you have difficulty chewing your food, proper diet may be compromised. Because of this, it’s a must that you have your crooked teeth problem corrected as soon as possible.

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