De-Bugging The Flu Bug

Everyone gets the flu at some point in their life. Some get it several times in a year, others only once. The incidence is higher during the cold, wintery season. It looks like the flu bug is more virulent at this time. Or maybe it is because people are in close contact with one another since they have to stay warm indoors for parties and gatherings, and that enables the flu virus to be transmitted pretty easily.

Needless to say, you certainly would like to protect yourself from the bug, or if prevention comes too late, to get rid of it quickly.

Here are some basic steps you can do to keep the bug away:

• Wash your hands often with a germicidal soap.

• When dining out, bring a hand sanitizer so you can conveniently rub it onto your hands anytime to remove the germs.

• Avoid using a public telephone. If you have to, sanitize it first.

• Avoid touching unclean objects and then putting your hands in your mouth, eyes, or even nose.

• If you are a smoker, avoid smoking especially during the cold season. Smoking irritates your throat and that brings down your immune system.

• Take vitamin and mineral supplements to improve your immune system. Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, zinc, iron, calcium, and magnesium are excellent flu fighters. Taking them every day keeps flu at bay.

If flu has developed, fight it off by drinking water and fruit juice. Hydration is very important when you have the flu; it helps clearing your nasal passages. But if your nose gets clogged anyway, use a non-steroidal nasal spray to clear the way. Try to make your own nasal spray solution so you don’t have to run off to the health store to buy one; it’s only saline water. Applying warm compress on your forehead also relieves decongestion.

If you have sore throat as well, gargle twice daily with warm water mixed with salt. You can also try to relieve it by taking one tablespoon of honey mixed with a few drops of lemon juice.

Ginger tea makes for a great drink when you have the flu.

The flu bug gets your defenses down, so stay in bed. It helps you to recover faster. Avoid doing anything strenuous; even reading will not be a good idea as it strains the eyes.

You should be feeling better after a day or two; if you don’t, get medical help.

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