De-stress and Detach Through Yoga

Everyday, we are often bombarded with work problems and other concerns that we need to solve in order for us to go on to the other tasks ahead. We are unaware sometimes that our body is no longer comfortable with what we are doing and it is slowly complaining without us hearing. Our mind is filled with endless thoughts that we fail to notice the symptoms of stress. We wait for the nth hour when we start to fill the worst symptoms due to neglecting our body’s call.

Once in a while we need to fit healthy breaks into our schedules. Despite the loads of work to do, it is not healthy to just go on without taking some time in between one’s schedule to relax and inhale deeply. There are activities that we can squeeze in our daily or weekly routine that can help us rejuvenate ourselves from work’s stress. One such very relaxing activity is yoga.

Yoga is an ancient art that many people practice today when they want to take a break from everything and just feel themselves as part of nature. The main goal of the practice according to tradition is to liberate oneself from worldly suffering. One has to be in harmony with his mind, body and soul in order to achieve total relaxation and peace in oneself.

There are different postures that one can exhibit when practicing yoga. The key to getting the target position is calmness, balance, relaxation and focus. One cannot achieve the goal of yoga when one’s mind is wandering elsewhere. Yoga is a slow form of exercise and it will really need a lot of patience on the part of the individual practicing it. Some people who engage in this activity cannot concentrate well because they are bored and they find the slow activity a waste of time. There is much more to yoga than just relaxing and calming the self.

There are many benefits that one can get with this activity and one example is being attuned to the body thus helping one identify if he or she is sick or not and in a good state of health. Yoga detoxifies the body by allowing proper circulation of blood to all body systems. Aside from detoxification and oneness with the body, one can also learn total flexibility.

One would be surprised to find out that he or she can bend his extremities to areas that he has never reached before. Through concentration and focus, one will be able to achieve the various body positions of this practice which looks impossible to attain.

Yoga is also one excellent way of getting the best toned muscles. Compared with other forms of exercises, this activity helps shed excess flab on other body parts which are difficult to tone in other forms of exercises. It keeps one healthy and fit as it helps burn fats and eliminates cholesterol which are the main causes of many deadly diseases these days.

Yoga helps one achieve enlightenment through meditation coupled with peace and relaxation. It is also a form of self-realization activity that is capable of motivating a person to change his or her lifestyle in a way that will keep him or her healthy and peaceful.

There still so many bodily benefits that yoga provides to the Yogi (person practicing yoga).

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