Dealing with Work Stress More Effectively

When you first applied for your job, you read the job description thoroughly to ensure that you know what you’re getting into. But surprise, surprise, it wasn’t indicated in the job profile that you’ll be subjected to extreme levels of stress that you’re currently experiencing. You don’t want to complain about your work since you love what you’re doing. You just wish you it could be less stressful so it won’t be as taxing to your health as it is now.

Stress, as we all know, releases harmful toxins in the body that cause a number of health problems. It also shoots up the blood pressure level, making you more vulnerable to heart diseases. The good news is you don’t have to quit your job to get away from stress. Here are some techniques on how you can deal with work stress more effectively.

Master the Art of Time Management
First, you have to learn to master time management. Organizing your schedule in an efficient manner would save you from bouts of headache that you’ll have when you miss deadlines or when you don’t get things done properly. When you manage your time, make sure that you have leeway for unexpected events.

For example, if you can do a certain task in two hours but it’s possible that with the lagging connection in the office recently it may take you longer, consider this and make ample allowance to save yourself from stress. It’s also imperative that you get rid of external distractions. These would impair your productivity and cause you stress when you’re running late on a task that needs to be completed.

Remember You’re a Human, Not a Robot
It’s also very important that you and your boss realize that you’re a human being. If your boss wants you to accomplish tasks that are beyond human capacity, he might as well just hire a robot, right? Talk to your boss in a nice way and tell him that it’s not that you’re not up for the challenge, it’s just that you don’t want the quality of your work to deteriorate or put your health at risk. If he’s seen how hard you work and how productive you are, he’ll easily believe it when you say that a task is something that cannot be done in a tight schedule.

Stay Away From People Who Cause You Stress
It’s not healthy to stay in a job where your boss bites your head everyday. This would cause long-term psychological stress on you. If that’s the case, you might want to consider looking for another job. If it’s your officemates that are causing you stress, that’s not too difficult. You can ask to be re-assigned to another department or team. Or just avoid these people as much as possible if talking to them diplomatically isn’t going to work.

Keep Your Workplace Spic and Span
An office that seems like it’s been hit by a storm isn’t going to make you productive at all. This would not only hinder you from accomplishing tasks but also put much pressure on you (Where is that file I’ve been looking for since morning?). Organize your office or cubicle so you can work more efficiently.

Take The Break You Badly Need
Lastly, take a break once in a while. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This cliché holds true particularly for today’s workaholic society. Bring your kids out for a baseball game in the park, go hiking with your friends, take your girl/man to a romantic Caribbean island vacation, or go get a relaxing massage. All these can help rejuvenate you and melt the stresses away.

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