Dehydration – Prevention and Recovery

Have you traveled through a desert or experienced El Niño, a very intense dryness on land caused by warming of the ocean? Everything dries up in those situations. In extreme dry weather, lands are parched, trees turn brown and flowers wither. That’s how it is when there is no water.

The human body is no different. It needs water to survive and carry out its functions. But water getting lost through breathing, sweating, or urinating is part of the normal process of human life existence, for as long as it is not excessive like the cases of diarrhea or vomiting. When you lose more water than necessary and the water levels in your body falls below normal, dehydration results and opens up for more problems.

Dehydration manifests itself with the following:
• Dry mouth and lips (the lips may be chapped when dehydration is severe)
• Excessive thirst
• Poor skin turgor
• Cold, clammy hands
• Dark circles under the eyes
• No or decreased urine output for several hours
• Very dark or concentrated urine
• Fever

Apparently, it isn’t just water that’s lost, but also electrolytes. That’s why dehydration is likely to make you suffer from:
• Fatigue and weakness
• Headache, lightheadedness and confusion
• Muscle cramps

And if worse comes to worst, coma may result. And then death.

Replacing lost fluids is a lifesaving event. You must drink not just clear water but also fruit juices and beverages with salt and sugar. Ready-to-drink Gatorade and hydrite powder may offer quick-fix solutions to dehydration, but if dehydration is the result of vomiting, you will need to get IV injections of fluids.

Also, because potassium is lost when you have dehydration, you must eat a banana or two to get your potassium level back to normal. Bananas are so rich in everything else – they contain iron, Vitamin B, fiber, and lots more nutrients. Dried fruits, especially raisin, help with your potassium levels, too.

If cramps develop, get some gelatin into your mouth. Gelatin is very easy to digest and is not going to give your digestive system a hard time. Gelatin with pineapple makes a great recipe to combat dehydration.

Life without water is no life at all. Be smart and protect yourself from dehydration.

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