Depression in Women – Signs and Symptoms

Depression is generally experienced by more women than men. Apart from the general symptoms of depression, women may also experience many other symptoms. Moreover, depression in women mostly occurs between puberty and menopause. Hormones may also play a major role in causing depression in women. Additionally, many social factors contribute to the problem.

Symptoms of Depression in Women
To be diagnosed with depression, women should show at least four out of nine common symptoms. One of the main symptoms is anxiety or sadness for a very long time. They tend to develop negative feelings. Also, women with depression will be very pessimistic with tendency to easily feel very guilty. The common symptoms of depression such as fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, and suicidal thoughts are also observed. Some women may experience loss of appetite, while some others start to overeat. Apart from these, physical symptoms are also seen including body aches, digestive problems and headaches that aren’t relieved with treatment.

Somatic symptoms include muscle or joint pain, headache and abdominal pain. Often women visit their doctor regarding pain or aches somewhere in their body. This type of pain is usually caused by problems with mental health. Moreover, the pain will not be relieved with any kind of treatment unless the underlying problem is identified.

For the normal functioning of the body, some level of anxiety is necessary. However, in depression the level of anxiety is so high that the patient will not be able to do day-to-day activities. The symptoms of anxiety can range from emotional disturbances to physical illnesses. In women, hormones also play an important role in causing anxiety.

Anger and Hostility
Anger and depression are directly connected to each other. Some women express their anger while some others suppress it. Depression is commonly seen in women who express their anger. They are also more prone to developing heart disease later in life. On the other side, suppression of anger is also not good for health. Women with type-A personality have to learn to control their anger, which can lead to depression. Anger management courses may help. Being optimistic towards life is also a great help.

Atypical Depression
The main symptoms of atypical depression are weight gain and excessive sleeping. Women with depression tend to eat more, and they gain weight. Some women may also experience excessive sleeping due to fatigue. In both cases, the underlying reason will be depression. Women taking anti-depressants may also see a tremendous increase in their weight.

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