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Food Acids and Bases – have you heard about them? The human body works to maintain a neutral pH balance. The stomach, which has a closed system, has a pH of 2. This means that it is extremely acidic. Other parts of the body meanwhile remain neutral. This is because chronic acidity can lead to bone density loss and drive up the risk for osteoporosis.

Below, you’ll find how foods are categorized according to acidity and alkalinity so you know how to formulate your diet in such a way that you’ll achieve a balance between the two.

• Acidic Food
For a food to be classified as acidic, it has to increase the acidity of the urine after it is ingested.

• Alkaline Food
Similarly, a food that increases alkalinity of the urine is classified as alkaline forming food.

It’s very important to note that the effect of the food on the pH of the urine can be different from the pH of the food itself. For example, orange juice, which is a highly acidic fruit, can cause the urine to become alkaline so it’s categorized under alkaline foods.

Acidic Foods
• Foods that are acidic include:
– corn
– meat
– beans
– fish
– fowl (chicken)
– grains
– coffee
– plums
– prunes
– cranberries
– distilled water

Despite claims of distilled water manufacturers, pure distilled water is hard to obtain since the air around dissolves in the water and makes it acidic. If you test the pH level of distilled water, you’ll find that the pH is always between 5.6 and 7.

• Very acidic foods include:
– eggs
– liver
– gravy
– soup broth made from animal parts
– wine
– yogurt
– buttermilk
– sour cream
– cheeses
– fermented foods

• Very acidic supplements include:
– B vitamins
– hydrochloric acid supplements

Alkaline Foods
• Alkaline foods include:
– most fruits and most vegetables except those mentioned above

• Foods that are extremely alkaline include:
– bananas
– chocolate
– figs
– mineral water
– orange juice
– potatoes
– spinach
– watermelon
– dandelion greens

Neutral Foods
Now there are also neutral foods that are neither acidic nor alkaline. These include:
– butter
– margarine
– cooking fats
– cooking oil
– plain candies
– sugar
– syrup
– honey
– arrowroot
– corn
– tapioca
– coffee
– tea

Non-Food Items that Can Cause for Urine to Become Alkaline or Acidic
• Acidic Urine Producers:
– Yogurt with live cultures can cause for urine to become acidic.
– Antibiotics, which destroy not only the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria in the intestinal tract, can remove the bacteria that creates an acidic environment inside the body. This is the reason why women who take antibiotics are more prone to bladder infections.

• Alkaline Urine Producers
It would be a good idea to drink lots of green tea, which is a potent source of antioxidants. It also has an alkaline effect in the body to neutralize extreme acidity.

• Neutral Urine Producers
Mineral supplements such as iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium can neutralize the stomach acid.

At the end of the day, you’ll see that the best way to have a healthy diet is still to incorporate as much fruits and vegetables into your plate.

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