Do Household Chores without Making Lower Back Pain Worse

Lower Back Pain shouldn’t mean that you can’t do housework anymore. Aside from getting help from your family in doing household chores, there are certain things you can do to ensure that doing these tasks won’t worsen your pain. Keep mind the following guidelines.

General Tips

Be Careful while Bending
If you need to bend forward such as when you need to pick up clothes or make the bed, bend carefully. Do it in a way that won’t cause you pain.

Use Leg and Stomach Muscles for Lifting Objects
Lift objects as close to your body as possible. If you’re going to bend to pick up something, bend your knees and not your back.

Avoid Twisting Movements
Instead of twisting your upper body, move your whole body in the direction that you need to go to avoid worsening your back pain.

Take Regular Breaks
See to it that you don’t do any type of movement for too long. Always take a break every one hour or whenever you feel your back hurting. Alternate chores so that you don’t do chores that require same movement for a long time.

Don’t Force Yourself
If you feel more pain than usual in your back, postpone the chore. Whatever it is, it can wait.

Specific Tips

Don’t push and pull the vacuum. The better way to do it is to walk it all the way across the room and vice versa. Make sure that you stand up straight when you do this chore.

Making the Bed
Use a duvet or washable bed sheet to cover up the entire bed in the morning. This will save you time and energy more than if you use several layers of blankets and sheets.

Cleaning the House
Never strain to reach something. If you want to wipe low places, put a damp cloth at the end of the broomstick. Better yet, buy mops and other cleaning devices that are equipped with expandable arms.

Driving the Car
When bringing the kids to school or going to the grocery to buy something, you’ll probably need to bring the car with you.
– When getting in, sit first before turning your body so that you can bring both legs into the car together.
– Get out doing the similar method in reverse. These are easy ways to get in and off the car without hurting your back.
– Pull your seat forward so your feet can reach the pedals and your hands are in a comfortable distance from the steering wheel.
– Use a small pillow or rolled-up towel to put behind your lower back for added comfort.

Washing Dishes or Ironing
Washing dishes and ironing clothes will require you to stand in place for a while. It would be better for you to place one foot slightly higher than the other for better support.

Do gardening chores sitting, squatting, or bending on your knees. Don’t bend forward to work on your garden for any amount of time.

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