Does Cell Phone Use Cause Cancer?

Possibly. Cell phones have become a necessity in our daily routine. You use cell phones for all daily activities that you do. But could you imagine that for every phone call that you make you increase your susceptibility to brain cancer? The link of cell phone usage to increase risk of developing brain tumors has been a hot and controversial medical issue for some years already.

There isn’t an established finding yet that directly links cell phone usage and heightened risk of brain cancer. Nor is there any substantial evidence that would say that cell phones do not contribute to the disease as well. In the middle of this controversy, what should we do then?

Does Radiation Penetrate My Brain?
Several studies show that a cell phone emits low levels of radio frequency energy that is quite different from the radiation you could get from X rays. The DNA in the brain cells can be distorted if exposed to radiation for prolonged periods of time. Another study shows that extended use of this device alters the chemical composition and metabolism of the brain. It increases the production of glucose (sugar), which is the primary fuel of the brain. But too much glucose production may hamper your health. Cancer thrives in sugar. Other studies show that cellular phones increase the growth of glioma, a form of malignant cancer.

“Not guilty… Yet!” – Cell phone
But these findings are not enough evidence to put all the blame on this electronic device. Some scientists and researchers still agree that further studies should be conducted before we confirm that cancer and cell phones have direct link with each other.

Other factors aside form the heavy usage of cell phone also contribute to one’s increased risk of acquiring cancer. Age, heredity, smoking and eating behaviors also play a major role in determining your cancer susceptibility.

Will I Place My Call Then?
Since we are in the middle of a huge medical issue that could affect every one of us, it is then best to play it safe. If you are exposed to a cancer-promoting agent, it usually takes 10 to 30 years before the cancer develops, so it is still best to take precautionary measures when using your cell phones, including:

• When placing calls, use a headset or a speakerphone instead.

• Limit your phone calls.

• As much as possible, keep your cellular device away from your body.

• Children should not have direct exposure to cell phones.

• Text more, call less. Using your cell phone away from your body might reduce the risk by 10 times.

Cell phone manufacturers are now taking necessary precautions too. They have been lowering the electromagnetic power and frequencies their devices emit.

In this society where every hand now holds a cell phone unit, it might be difficult to stray away from using it. But it would not cost you more if you would just take several safety measures. Lessening that phone call could lower your risk.

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