Ease Back-To-School Stress With These Tips

Kids are back to school. It can be both exciting and stressful not only for them but for the parents as well. With these tips, you can help ease the back-to-school stress and ensure that everything goes smoothly for this year.

Plan a Visit
For kids who will start to attend a new school, plan a visit and give the children a tour before the school opens its doors for the new school year. This way, they can familiarize themselves with the building, playground, classrooms and teachers/staffs who are on duty. Since it’s a different environment that would require adjustments on the kid’s part, this visit is especially helpful.

Establish a New Routine
A week before the start of school, establish a new routine for the kids. Since waking up early in the morning is often the hardest thing for children, you should start with this one. For example, if they need to wake up at 6 am to get in time for the class, you should begin waking them up at around this time at least seven days before school starts. So that by the time classes arrive, they would already have been adjusted to the routine. It would mean less stress not only for the kids but also for you because you wouldn’t need to rush them up on taking a bath and eating their breakfast. Instead, they’ll have plenty of time to do those things.

Have the Kids Get Sufficient Sleep
Of course, in order for them to wake up early, they also need to sleep early. Kids need at least eight hours of deep sleep each night to be fully recharged for the next day. If not and you force them to wake up early in the morning, they will feel sluggish throughout the day. Their school performance might also be compromised.

Play School At Home
This is great for younger kids. Pretend that you’re a teacher and discuss about the school rules. Familiarity over the setup is important for the kids so they don’t freak out when they start with the classes again.

De-Clutter Around the House
Many parents are not aware of this but the clutter inside the house can actually add to the stress of going back to school. When you live in a cluttered environment, it’s hard to organize things and concentrate on the tasks at hand. Imagine yourself preparing the lunch packs of your kids, and with all the mess around it takes you an hour to find the brown bags. By the time you find them, the school bus is honking outside the gate and you scamper to get the kids there in time. Get the point? Weeks before the school’s first day, gather the kids to help you clean up and organize.

Be Excited About Going Back to School
Sometimes, it’s just a matter of how you see things. If you think that you’re going to be stressed at the start of the school year, there’s a good chance that you will. But if you program your mind and get the kids excited about it, you’ll all look forward to it.

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