Eat Healthy Wherever You Go

It doesn’t matter where you are. If you set your mind to healthy eating, you can do that wherever your location is. Whether you’re on a road trip a few states away, hanging out at your friend’s house or partying the night away at the local bar, you can stick to your healthy eating diet plan. Here’s how to do that.

Where You Are: Highway Rest Stop
Wherever you are, the highway rest stop looks the same. It has a coffee chain, a burger joint, and a pizza stand. If you can find a Starbucks, order some fruit and cheese plate or pasta salad. Pair it up with an old-fashioned iced or hot chocolate. Go for nonfat latte to save yourself from a hundred calories. If you find a donut stand, ditch the donuts and opt for flatbread sandwich that’s not too fatty like chicken breast or turkey sandwich.

Where You Are: Fast Food
Fast foods are notorious for serving the unhealthiest foods in the planet. But if you’re careful enough, there are some nutritious picks that you can find in their menu. For example, at McDonalds, order the Premium Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken or at Wendy’s, have the Mandarin Chicken Salad. Don’t forget to ask for low-fat dressing since the cream Caesar dressing doubles the calories.

Where You Are: Gas Station or Convenience Store
Go for food products that have an expiration date. Just make sure that you get one that has not yet expired. These are better choices than those that can survive on the shelf for a long time because it means those foods are loaded with preservatives and trans fats that can harm your health. Go past the pastries and potato chips. Instead, head straight to the refrigerator case where you’ll find lots of calcium-rich cheese, yogurt, and milk products. If there are not too many viable choices in the fridge, the next best option would be dried fruits, nuts, and whole wheat crackers.

Where You Are: Some Diner
If you are stuck in some old diner in the middle of nowhere, your best bet would be an oatmeal or vegetable omelet. Request for the omelet to be made with egg whites. Ask if they can pair it up with a whole wheat toast that’s dry so it doesn’t come all slathered with butter. If the diner doesn’t serve breakfast all day long, you can order a meatloaf or turkey sandwich with tomato and lettuce. Ditch the mayo if possible.

Where You Are: Italian Restaurant
One of the healthiest options in any Italian restaurant would be a bowl of pasta with marina sauce with a healthy siding of green salad. The great thing about marinara sauce is that it’s very low in fat and it’s nutritious, having been made with tomatoes and spices. Another wonderful choice would be the pasta primavera. See to it that you order the one made with olive oil or broth and not with white cream sauce.

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