Ecstasy: A Dangerous Drug

Ecstasy is the popular name for MDMA (3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine), a drug that is both a stimulant and a mild tranquilizer.

Ecstasy has other names such as:
– Go
– hug
– Adam
– beans
– the love drug
– Disco Biscuit

This drug, which comes in the form of a pill with a logo or cartoon character stamped on it, is very popular among teens and young adults in dance and rave parties. It is often taken as a pill but can also be snorted in the powder form or be injected into a vein.

Ecstasy got its name from the extreme sense of pleasure that some say you will experience when you take this drug. It has strong hallucinogenic effects that can boost self-confidence as well as feelings of peacefulness and closeness. In fact, people who use this say that they experience extreme desire to touch and hug other people. Reading this paragraph might be giving you the impression that ecstasy is good for you. It’s not. Ecstasy actually very dangerous.

Common Damages
– chills
– nausea
– sweating
– faintness
– blurred vision
– rapid eye movement

– jaw muscle tension
For one, this drug can cause muscle tension and jaw-clenching, which is why you will often find ecstasy users sucking on baby pacifiers to ease the tension inside their mouths.

– acne and liver damage
If a person develops acne on any part of the skin after using ecstasy, this means he/she is at great risk of liver damage if the drug is to be used continuously.

High Dosage Damages
Those who take in high doses can suffer from steep increase in the body temperature that can lead to severe problems like:
– muscle breakdown
– kidney failure
– heart failure
– death

The effects are even a lot more harmful if the drug is used with alcohol.

Mental and Emotional Damages
Ecstasy can cause various mental and emotional issues, even weeks after the person stops taking the drug.
These damages include:
– confusion
– depression
– severe anxiety
– sleeping problems

– impairment of thought and memory
Long-term use can lead to impairment of thought and memory.

Signs of Ecstasy Use
Ecstasy remains in a person’s system for only 12 to 16 hours. Because of this, most general drug screening tests are not able to detect the drug unless it is targeted specifically.

There are certain signs that would tell you if a person uses this drug.

– pacifier
One is a pacifier worn around the neck. A person who does this especially when attending parties is likely to be a user of this drug.

Other signs that should raise a red flag include:
– sleep problems
– skin rashes that look like acne
– attendance to all-night rave parties
– possession of pills with cartoon character stamps on them

Reaching To Help
This drug is indeed dangerous and debilitating. If you know someone who uses this drug, it’s imperative to encourage the person to get help before it’s too late. Inform him/her about the dangers of ecstasy to make it easier for you to convince the person to put a stop to this dangerous habit.

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