Effect of Dental Problems to your Health

Healthy teeth and gums are important for your overall health. This is because poor dental hygiene can lead to serious ailments. Here are some vital pieces of information on how this can happen.

Mouth Bacteria and Your Heart
You probably have never thought or imagined this before but mouth bacteria can affect the health of your heart. Studies reveal that people with gum diseases are more likely to acquire or suffer from a form of heart disease than others.

Health experts believe that oral bacteria can pass through the blood streams and attach to the fatty plaques that can be found in your arteries. This in turn can cause inflammation and increase the risk of a heart attack, along with other types of heart ailments.

You have always heard of the cliché – the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. In this case, remember to take care of your teeth to take care of your heart! Be sure to brush your teeth regularly to rid of those harmful bacteria before it inflicts serious repercussions on your coronary health.

Unhealthy Gums and Diabetes
Another link is one between unhealthy gums and diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that decreases the body’s resistance to infection. It is caused by elevated blood sugar. Rise in the blood sugar level increases the risk of acquiring a gum disease, and at the same time, a gum disease can make it harder for the body to maintain proper blood sugar level. Be sure to protect your gums by brushing and flossing daily. Have your dentist check your teeth and gums at least once a year.

Weak or No Teeth and Kidney Ailments
Adults who have weak teeth or are toothless have higher tendencies of developing chronic kidney ailments than those with strong teeth. Researchers are yet to prove how this link exists, as it is not completely clear yet how periodontal diseases contribute to kidney problems. However, many health experts think that the chronic inflammation in the gums may be the culprit. Take care of your teeth so that they stay with you and lower your chances of having kidney problems.

Gum Disease and Premature Birth
Pregnant women should not only care for the person inside their wombs but also for their teeth and gums. This is because, if you’re pregnant and at the same time suffering from tooth decay or gum disease, this increases the risk of premature birth and low birth weight of your baby. There is still no strong evidence that these are linked to poor dental health but it can be pointed out that inflammations and infections may be the causes. Protect your teeth and gums to protect your baby.

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