Effective Natural Remedies for Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriasis is a common skin disorder that affects 2 percent of the Caucasian population in the United States.

Arthritis, on the other hand, refers to the bone condition that involves inflamed joints.

Psoriatic Arthritis
Patients with both arthritis and psoriasis are diagnosed to have psoriatic arthritis. They don’t occur simultaneously. Some have arthritis for several years before the psoriasis appears. Sometimes, a person may have psoriasis and not have arthritis and vice versa.

When it comes to treatments, vast research has been done to investigate both synthetic and natural remedies for this disease. Many of the natural remedies for psoriatic arthritis have been found to be efficient in alleviating symptoms but none of them have been proven effective in preventing or treating damage. With that said, it’s imperative to take these remedies alongside conventional treatment for optimal results.

Fish Oil
One of the best qualities of fish oil is reducing inflammation. It does that by reducing the proteins in the body that promote inflammation. Studies have found that Eskimo populations have low rates of both psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis due to their diet that is high in fish oil. People with psoriatic arthritis are recommended to take in 2,000 to 3,000 milligrams of fish oil a day.

Turmeric belongs to the ginger family. This spice is a good way to relieve the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. That’s because it can efficiently reduce proteins that can cause inflammation. The effectiveness of turmeric differs from one person to another. For some people, the effects are extremely mild and barely noticeable. For others, they experience great relief when they include this spice in their daily diet.

Vitamin D
A 2011 study revealed that people with psoriatic arthritis often have vitamin D deficiency. The study wasn’t able to probe or establish the reason behind this. In another study, it was found that 7 out of 10 psoriatic arthritis patients who took vitamin D experienced decrease in joint pain. Those in the placebo group did not report any pain reduction. Sun exposure in the early morning promotes the production of vitamin D in the body.

Vitamin K
Vitamin K is an essential nutrient found in green leafy veggies like spinach, kale and broccoli as well as from canola and olive oils. A study showed that people with severe osteoarthritis has low levels of vitamin K. This study involved almost 700 patients. Although it’s not established as to how vitamin K can help psoriatic arthritis, it is still a great idea to eat a lot of these healthy leafy greens for the overall betterment of your health.

This one is derived from an amino acid called carnitine. It is involved in the metabolism of fat and can be found in almost all the cells of the body. A study showed that people with psoriatic arthritis pain in the knees enjoyed relief while taking L-carnitine supplements as opposed those taking placebo.

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