Effective Remedies for Panic and Anxiety

Panic Attack refers to the sudden surge of overwhelming fear. This usually comes without warning and without any obvious reason. Studies show that one in every seventy-five people around the world will have an episode of panic attack at least one time.

Anxiety Attack is classified by health experts as a condition under panic attack. Panic or anxiety attack is a strong sensation or feeling that can be accompanied by some symptoms such as rapid heart rate, sweating, lightheadedness, pounding heart, hot or cold flashes, chest pains, tingly sensations, burning skin sensation, irrational thoughts and many more.

A person with panic attack oftentimes worries about the next occurrence of the attack because he or she is embarrassed with the way he or she behaves and acts especially in front of many people. With this, he or she starts to evade people and places because of the weird actions accompanying panic attack.

Having this problem need not to make you isolated from your friends, family and all other people. It should also not be a hindrance to your social life and to your overall enjoyment of life. Get your self-confidence back by following some self-help techniques that could help you overcome your fears and worries.

The Remedies
1. Try to change the way you think. Always turn your negative interpretations to positive. Play it out in your head and enjoy the activity. By doing this, your mind will be set to think good vibes and will allow you to keep panic attacks at bay. For example, if you want to go to the coffee shop to avail of your favorite brewed coffee and catch up with your reading, ask yourself first if you are really afraid of going there and you will be surprised to know that your answer is “NO”. Just tell yourself that you want to go there to enjoy and relax.

2. Change your behavior. Try to find time to do some worthwhile and enjoyable activities such as cooking, reading, writing, making crafts, dancing, playing sports, meditating and many more. Make sure to find pleasure in doing these activities, and also try to be engaged in any of these on a daily basis. This starts the brain to think positive thoughts and it can draw a smile on your face.

3. Get involved in exercise. This is as effective way to ward off stress and activate happy chemicals to flow in the brain and all over the body. When we say exercise, you do not necessarily need to do exhausting workouts at the gym. Simple activities, such as dancing in your room or lifting your legs several times over in your recliner will do at the beginning.

4. Try to cut down your caffeine and sugar intake because these are stimulants and will cause you to think so much and make yourself paranoid about the smallest of things.

5. Learn how to breathe properly to cut off a panic attack right away.

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