Effects Of Make Up In Your Skin Health

Cosmetics contain many ingredients that are good and harmful to the skin. Too much makeup can be absorbed by the skin and inhaled by the lungs. Certain chemicals in cosmetics are associated in the development of cancer. Some can cause allergic reactions. The dangers of cosmetics make natural/mineral makeup receive more recommendation by health professionals.

Allergic Reactions
The most common skin effect cosmetics brings is allergic reaction. There are certain chemicals in makeup that are known to be unfriendly to the skin. In many cases, a person does not know that she is allergic to makeup until adverse effects manifest. The chemical may cause allergic responses such as acne, itching, dryness and rashes. Reactions are classified as mild, moderate or severe. With continuous use, mild allergic reactions can progress to severe reactions. Allergies can be detected by a physician through a patch test. The doctor applies certain chemicals found in cosmetics on a small portion of the skin. The doctor and patient will wait for a few days to observe if a reaction occurs. When reaction happens, an individual can avoid certain cosmetics that contain the chemical.

Makeup also clogs up the pores leading to acne breakouts. Many people try to cover their acne by using makeup but little do they know that this action will further aggravate the acne. When makeup gets into the pores, it is difficult to wash out. When this is left on the face, it attracts dirt and oil leading to the formation of acne. The best thing to do if you are using makeup is to find a makeup that is easy to wash and contains antibacterial ingredients.

Faster Aging
Makeup is also known to cause faster aging. The chemicals make the skin dry and irritated making it more prone to wrinkles and damages. Constant exposure to makeup chemicals makes the skin lose its elasticity and become unable to produce healthy skin cells.

Another concern of the effects of makeup is cancer. Some chemicals found in makeup are considered carcinogens. Cosmetic companies claim that these chemicals are not ingested in the body and are only applied to the skin making it less harmful. Furthermore, they also iterate that only small amount of these chemicals are used and that amount is not enough to cause an individual any harm. Companies may be right but makeups can actually be eaten through skinships, kisses or accidents. Also, too much makeup can be absorbed by the skin and inhaled by the lungs. Another major concern is that even though only small amounts are being used, the constant exposure of these chemicals over an extended period of time can cause harm. Exposure to harmful chemicals will put makeup users at risk for skin cancer. Some cosmetics are found to have the chemical parabens. Parabens disrupt normal hormonal function making an individual at risk for breast cancer. Other chemicals found in makeups are hydrated silica and crystalline quartz.

Many women use makeup to make them feel beautiful and confident. Although makeups have ingredients that may be beneficial such as vitamins and minerals, the negative effects outweigh the benefits. It is important to check the components of makeup before you start using them to know the chemical components that you can be allergic to or components that may be carcinogenic. Mineral and natural made products are recommended rather than chemically produced products.

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