Effects of Prolonged Usage of Computer to Our Health

Technology has been with us for a long time now. It has given us the opportunity of making things easier, faster and more efficient. Computer is an amazing piece of technology, and nowadays we have to learn how to use them because they are everywhere in our homes and workplace, and we can even carry them everywhere we go, always connected to the internet. How fascinating! But the prolonged use of computers can be bad for our health. Have you ever wondered how bad?

It is estimated that 96% of all the enterprises have computers in their offices, and the people spend around 4 hours per day and around 20 hours per week working on it. This doesn’t count the time the person spends using the computer at home, whether for surfing the net or for gaming.

The prolonged use of computers brings physical and psychological problems to us, which can be:
1. Visual Fatigue
2. Position Fatigue
3. Repeated Movements Fatigue
4. Mental Fatigue

These problems do not only affect our performance at work, but our personal home life as well. To prevent these problems, there is a science called Ergonomics, which is the study of the proper ways to do daily things at work and home. This science allows us to know the safe and proper positions to work in front of a computer whether at home or at work.

According to the Ergonomics Science, that proper way is to set up the furniture and work elements according to the needs of our bodies. For example, if the computer monitor is too low, we don’t need to bend our neck or lower the head, but to put the monitor in a higher position. Maintaining a correct position when one is sitting down is also a must. The International Standards recommend maintaining a regular physical activity for at least 3 sessions per week.

If you don’t have enough time to exercise regularly, then at least try to use stairs instead of elevators, and park your car farther from your point of destination so you can walk.

There are also several professionals who dedicate their work to helping people with problems caused by computers. One such person is Olga R. Nicosia, a kinesiologist. According to her, for the last 10 years of her line of work, she has observed a huge increment of appointments with people who are exposed to prolonged usage of computers. She created a system of exercises to prevent those problems. It also provides a way to learn about it and to educate other people about this common problem nowadays.

Technology is a great way to improve our lives, but we need to know how to get along with it. Every excessive usage can cause us problems. We should learn how to manage it in our daily life, so we can live a healthier life and be more productive at our works.

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