Electronic Gadgets: Taking a Toll On Your Health

Innovations in technology – computers, internet, cell phones and other electronic gadgets – have altered the way we live our lives. From the way we work, communicate, access, and share information to how we entertain ourselves, almost everything has changed because of technology. Now, although the high-tech gadgets we own make things much easier for us, we cannot discount the fact that they can also take a toll on our health. Look at these four ways on how a high-tech lifestyle can harm your well-being.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)
The human eye is not designed to look at one particular object for hours. This is the reason people who use computers for many hours during the day experience symptoms of a condition called computer vision syndrome.

These symptoms include:
– tired eyes
– irritation
– blurred or double vision
– eye strain
– redness

Although it’s temporary and shouldn’t be a cause for concern, persistent strain in the eyes can lead to infection. It’s important for any computer user to take a break at least every hour to rest one’s eyes. The room should also be properly lighted to avoid further eye strain.

Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)
Repetitive Stress Injury doesn’t only affect the body part that you constantly use but also your entire body. The tiny movements you do with your hands or fingers can irritate the tendons and cause inflammation that can harm the nerves. Injured cells release toxic substances that can travel to the bloodstream and reach the cells in the other body parts.

To resolve this issue, it’s helpful to do some stretching exercises prior to the use of an electronic gadget, especially the computer. Then take a break once in a while to move around and do some physical activity.

Sleepless nights can be caused by late night works in front of the computer. For others, it’s the exciting set of video games that keep them up until the wee hours in the morning. Some people, particularly teenagers, would spend night hours texting with their cell phone or logging on to social networking sites on their computers. Ever heard of Facebook addiction? Insomnia is one of its results. When you spend late night toying with your gadget, you suppress the levels of melatonin in the body. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates sleep cycle.

It’s very important to get adequate sleep to give your body a chance to recharge and recuperate. It’s also a must to shut off all electronic gadgets at least one hour before going to bed to have better and deeper sleep.

Modern gadgets encourage sedentary lifestyle. Although proponents of technological gadgets probably didn’t mean to promote obesity, that’s what these things are doing. Before, sedentary lifestyle meant being a couch potato watching television all day long. Nowadays, it’s alternated with computer screen time, video game playing, and texting on the cell phone. Instead of going out for some physical play, many prefer this as their recreation.

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