Enroll In A Back School If You Have Back Problems

You know what “back to school” means. But a “back school”? What’s that?
Back School is a program that seeks to educate people about back-related health care including:
– back exercises
– proper posture
– body mechanisms
– prevention of long-term back problems

If you are suffering from any type of back pain or back problem, this is the school that you would want to go to. Here, you will be given tools for self-care so you can improve the way you manage your lower back pain.

Studies have shown that this school can significantly improve a student’s acute lower back pain and speed up the recovery process. It was also found that this school can reduce chronic back pain and increase a person’s ability to be active. One study even found that going to this school can be just as effective as getting manual treatment for back pain relief. Why be a patient when you can be a student, right? Of course, going to this school is only effective if you apply what you’ve learned on a regular basis.

If you’re interested in this, contact your doctor or health insurance provider to find out recommendations for local back schools. Find back school programs in the local rehabilitation hospital or outpatient program. It’s also possible to find this educational program in an independent clinic. Until you’re able to find the local back school for you, here are some things to keep in mind that will help you in preventing back pain.

Lift Safely
Safe lifting means you use your legs and not your back as support. Instead of bending from your hips, bend your knees with your abdominal muscles tightened while you lift the object close to your body. Avoid unsafe lifting habits that can worsen your back problem.

Avoid Twisting Your Body
Twisting motions should be avoided at all times. This is especially true if you’re lifting heavy objects or doing heavy work. Always pay attention to how you move your spine. If you notice any pain or tightness, this can be a sign of trouble.

Drink Plenty of Water
You probably already know that 70 percent of the body is composed of water. Enough water inside the body not only helps flushing out the toxins but also keeps us fluid instead of stiff. When you drink plenty of water, you can enhance the height of the intervertebral disks to keep them effective as shock absorbers. It’s best to drink 6 to 8 glasses of 8-ounce water a day.

Be Physically Active
Physical activity can keep the spine muscles strong. It’s also important that you strengthen your abs. These are muscles that you would want to focus on if you want to prevent back pain. Engage in a fitness program that would also include stretching, as this keeps the body pliant so that stiffness which brings pain can be avoided.

Maintain a Healthy Weight
Maintaining the right weight is a great way to prevent all kinds of health problems including back pain. This avoids compression of the intervertebral disks, postural abnormalities, and stiff or weak muscles due to sedentary lifestyle.

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