Essential Foods that Fight Anemia Naturally

Anemia is a Greek term which means ‘without blood’. From there, you can easily understand why it is defined as a condition where there is deficiency in the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin is essential for it carries and transfers oxygen from our lungs to the tissues in our body. Hence, when there is proper blood circulation, we are considered to have fit bodies. Without the sufficient amount oxygen in our blood, our bodies will grow weak. The common symptoms of this disease include feeling extremely tired, joint pains and fast heart beat.

Majority of the cases of anemia are considered as mild. However, if you do not fight off anemia early, then it can turn out to be a more serious problem in time. Other types of anemia like pernicious and sickle cell anemia are already considered as life threatening. You can never definitively self-diagnose that you have anemia. If you have been experiencing extreme weakness and fatigue, then it is highly advisable that you consult your doctor.

Upon detection of anemia, it can bring you good news that there are home remedies to keep it far from completely inhibiting your life. Here are several of the foods that you can use to successfully beat the disease away:

Honey – Honey is an amazing source of hemoglobin since it contains iron, copper and manganese. It helps increase the content of hemoglobin in your blood.

Soya Beans – This is full of protein that is high in iron but it should be given in small amounts only since most anemia patients suffer from weak digestion as well. It is also a good source of vitamin B12.

Almonds – These have copper that work well with other vitamins for the production of hemoglobin. Copper and iron are composed of essential nutrients that are needed in the synthesis of hemoglobin.

Black Sesame – This is a rich source of iron especially when you steep its seeds in warm water for a couple of hours. When it is finally grounded, you can mix it with a cup of milk and add some sugar to improve its taste.

There are lots of other foods aside from these mentioned that you can discover which are filled with plenty of iron and serve as effective treatment to anemia.

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