Exposing the Myths on Foods that Cause Bedwetting

If your child wets his/her bed, you’re probably looking for ways on how to resolve this. As a parent, you must be able to distinguish between myths and facts in order for you to employ suitable and effective techniques that will truly alleviate the situation. Here are the common myths that you shouldn’t waste time with and the more effective solutions for you to focus on.

(myth1) Spicy Foods Cause Bedwetting
Don’t eliminate chili, salsa or guacamole from the menu just because you’ve heard how this triggers bedwetting. There is no evidence to prove the spicy foods cause nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting). It’s true that spicy foods can irritate the bladder of some people, which is why those with urinary incontinence are advised to stay away from them. However, bedwetting is a different matter altogether that doesn’t have any link to spicy foods.

(myth2) Eating Citrus Before Bed is a No-No
Citrus fruits such as lemons, limes and oranges are known to irritate the bladder due to their high acid content. But removing the orange juice or lemonade from the table won’t do any good for your child who has problems with bedwetting. Like with the spicy foods, there is also no direct link between this and citrus fruits.

(myth3) Food Allergens Can Trigger Bedwetting
When it comes to the theory that food allergies contribute to bedwetting, there is still limited evidence. Only a small percentage of cases have been proven to have resolved bedwetting through eliminating foods that trigger allergies. Examples of such foods are dairy products and artificial colorings.

Now that you know the common myths that surround this matter, here now are the facts that you should concentrate more on.

(fact1) Caffeine is a Diuretic
Caffeine is a diuretic, meaning it stimulates the bladder’s production of urine. The more caffeine you ingest, the more you’ll have to go frequently. This is why, it’s a must to avoid this substance in the late afternoon up to evening. This isn’t only found in coffee but also in teas, colas, energy drinks, and chocolate.

(fact2) Drinking Liquids Before Bedtime Causes Bedwetting
Having too much liquid in the bladder is not the direct cause of bedwetting for adults. Remember, if you yourself drank too much water before bedtime, you still wouldn’t wet your bed. Instead, you’ll get up and respond to call of nature the right way. However, limiting the amount of liquid that your child takes in before going to sleep would help a lot in avoiding bedwetting. Make sure too that he/she urinates before he/she dozes off. Water and beverages are not the only sources of liquid but also are foods like soup, yogurt, fruits, and vegetables.

Bedwetting can be frustrating not only to you but more on your child. See to it that you exercise utmost patience and give emotional support to help your kid pass this challenging phase.

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