Fight Dental Problems With These Tips

Who doesn’t want a dazzling smile? Having a set of perfect pearls isn’t just about beauty. It’s also about comfort and health. As you know, dental problems like toothache can be very painful and uncomfortable. They can also affect your daily function such as eating and sleeping, and thereby cause various problems with health.

Follow these tips to fight toothaches and other dental problems.

Prevention Better Than Cure
Build a strong defense against dental problems before they even occur.

• Brush
Follow the age-old advice to brush your teeth every after meal. Everyone knows this and yet, many still neglect proper dental hygiene. Don’t rush with the brushing. Take your time to brush your teeth thoroughly to remove food particles inside the mouth that can build up plaque and bacteria over time. Don’t forget to clean up your tongue as well, as this is where many bacteria reside.

• Floss
Also, use dental floss for those hard-to-reach food particles in between teeth.

Healthy Diet For Strong Teeth
Apart from proper hygiene, it’s also a must to eat a healthy diet that is rich in:
– calcium
– vitamin D

• Calcium is a mineral that is needed by the body to maintain strong bones and teeth. Calcium can be found in dairy products but opt for low-fat milk, cheese and yogurt.

• Vitamin D is a vitamin that helps in the absorption of calcium. You need both these nutrients to maintain healthy teeth. Vitamin D can be produced by the body after sunlight exposure. Some foods and drinks have also been fortified with this vitamin.

Temporary Pain Relief
Now if you already have the dental problem, what you can do to relieve the unbearable pain is to visit the pharmacy and buy an over-the-counter pain medication.

• Ibuprofen (Recommended)
The most effective analgesic for this purpose is ibuprofen. Just don’t exceed in the recommended dosage.

• Aspirin (No Longer Recommended)
Aspirin, which used to be crushed and applied over the affected area, is not recommended anymore as it can cause damage to oral tissues.

• Oral Analgesic Ointment (Recommended)
You can also purchase oral analgesic ointment specifically designed for toothaches. Apply a small amount on the gum line and the painful area. It will numb the pain and bring temporary relief.

Home and Natural Remedies
• Garlic
Some say that chewing on garlic can help prevent toothaches as it contains allicin that has a powerful antibiotic effect. Aside from the preventive measure, it can also reduce and ease the pain of tooth problems. Remember however that this remedy can give you bad breath.

• Topical Applications
– Fluoride
Use fluoride application to prevent tooth decay. The fluoride ions reduce the rate of tooth enamel demineralization and increase the rate of remineralization of the early stages of cavities.

– Potassium Nitrate
Use toothpaste like Sensodyne, which contains potassium nitrate that can decrease the sensitivity of the teeth.

– Clove Oil
Apply a drop of clove oil on a cotton swab and rub it on the affected area. Its analgesic and antibacterial properties helps to relieve a toothache caused by bacteria.

– Peppermint Leaves
You may also chew peppermint leaves to sooth the pain. It brings abscess to the surface of the tooth while alleviating the pain.

– Potato
Another home remedy to try is to put a slice of potato on the painful tooth. The antibacterial properties of the potato can fight the infection and reduce the pain.

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