Financial Stress Tied to Insomnia

There you are lying on your back at 3 in the morning wondering about things like savings, debts, job, and the unstable economy. Money problems can surely keep you wide awake in the wee hours of the morning. If you keep that up, it won’t be long before you develop a sleeping disorder like insomnia.

Money and Insomnia
According to Mary Susan Esther, president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, money-related problems have been associated to insomnia. This is because it’s the leading source of stress among many people who have sleeping problems. It doesn’t help that the country has undergone bouts of recession and has experienced drops in the economy, affecting people of almost all classes.

The Survey
A 2008 Stress in America Survey done by the American Psychological Association revealed that:
– More than half of the people who took the survey said that they are stressed about their ability to provide for the basic needs of their family.
– About 80 percent said that they were stressed about the declining economy.
– More than 60 percent were troubled about job stability, housing costs, and medical bills.

You can see from that survey how much money woes affect people’s stress levels that in turn affect their sleeping quality and overall health.

Accessing Your Finances
Getting a break from all these stressors is the number one thing you need to do to get your life back into the balance beam.

First you need to assess your current financial standing. For all you know, all these worries are unnecessary and unaccounted for. Analyze the figures that are coming in and weigh them against the numbers that are coming out. Don’t forget to factor in your assets and liabilities. This way, you have a clear picture as to where you’re standing in terms of finances.

If you’re still good then there’s nothing to worry about and you should get back to your normal sleeping habit. If not, then formulate a plan on how to resolve the predicament you’re currently in. Take in a positive attitude that the solutions you’re going to think of will effectively dissolve your problems. But accept the reality that it takes time for these solutions to work out and that there is no overnight magic that can end all your financial woes.

Viable Solutions
There are plenty of viable solutions out there.
– Augment your income by taking on a second job, working extra hours, or opening up a small business.
– Lessen the expenses by reducing credit cards and lowering standard of living.
– Create an effective household budget so you can begin to live an affordable lifestyle.
– Learn various ways on how to make the ends meet.

Take a Break, Sleep Well
It’s also a must to learn to take a break from all the things that are bothering you. Keep in mind that you’ll have more difficulty resolving your money problems if you’re sick because you haven’t had enough sleep. Get treatment for insomnia by consulting a doctor. Then do your best to set a good sleeping habit every night.

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