Five Aerobic Fitness, Flexibility & Muscular Strength Tips

The only way to really be fit is to attain and maintain aerobic fitness, flexibility and muscular strength. When one of these is weak, all the benefits of your hard work on the other areas may be hard to realize, or easy to counteract.

The best way to get fit and stay fit is to do a varying combination of all three. Aerobic fitness for your heart, flexibility for your comfort and safety, and muscular strength daily will help you accomplish extraordinary tasks as needed, plus maintaining muscle and bone is the key to aging gracefully and much less painfully.

Keep Searching for Your Aerobic Fitness
The only way to keep looking and feeling great and dealing painlessly with the daily rigors of life is to stay aerobically fit. It’s the only real defense against heart disease and obesity. If aerobic activity is something you don’t like or it makes you apprehensive, the key is to keep trying until you find something you do not mind doing every day. And then when you do, look again for more variations and options to choose from. Finding what will keep you sticking with it is the most important part of staying aerobically fit.

Flexibility Will Keep You Coming Back
Flexibility makes a difference in everyday life. It can keep you from getting cramps from staying in one position at work. It can ease the tension out of your neck, shoulders and back from hours in front of a computer. It can be the difference between suffering from soreness after a workout and a comfortable benefit of releasing knots in your back so you can lie down and go to sleep when it is time.

Muscle Strength Will Lift More Than Your Spirits
Increasing muscle strength is empowering on a personal and emotional level. Increasing your weights and seeing what your body can accomplish is incredible even to the most jaded of people. You can do things with your body through weight training that change the way you feel about everything from your self-images and lifting groceries, to fixing your own drains to gardening. Knowing what you can do and seeing the actual effects in your muscles will help you stick to a fitness routine. It will also strengthen your bones and help your body stay lifted (literally) as you age, while the less fit people let gravity take its toll on them.

You Don’t Have to Expend Cash to Expend Calories
The economy makes a monthly gym fee seem a little daunting. One way to sample the local gyms and workouts is to do serious coupon hunting. Most gyms and yoga or pilates studios give an introductory week or at least a few classes free. Take one of everything, or do a week of anything you can.

Do It All
In conjunction with trying out all of the local free classes or cheap deals to get some free training, the idea is that all you really need to commit to is moving. If each day you incorporate one of the three, yoga class for some serious flexibility, a quick run with the dog for (both of your) aerobic fitness, or a few sets of calisthenics for a couple parts of your body for muscle strength, you will get all of the best results.

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