Fool Proof Strategies to Make your Kid Eat their Veggies

Are you having trouble feeding your kid with veggies? Worry no more. Not only is this problem universal among almost all parents all over the world, it can also be resolved with utmost patience, a dash of creativity, and some of these practical tips.

Examine Your Child’s Eating Behavior
First, observe how your child behaves in the dining table. Look at how he reacts when he sees vegetables and determine the reason behind it. Talk to him and ask him what it is about the vegetables that he hates so much. Once you are able to put a finger on what is troubling him, then it would be much easier for you to devise a plot that will solve the problem. For example, if your child confesses that he just can’t swallow the bland taste of the veggies you serve, maybe it’s time to up your ante and improve your cooking. Instead of serving plain carrot sticks, add a delicious low-fat dip to make it tastier.

Present The Food Creatively
Kids can be taken away by presentation. Remember when he got so excited about eating those star-shaped cookies or how he got all giddy when you carved a face on his pancake? Do the same for his veggies and it would be harder for him to resist them. For instance, you can build a castle fortress using celery stalks and carrot sticks. Let your kid be the mighty dragon who will eat up the food castle. Also, keeping things bright and colorful will encourage your child to try on these wonderful vegetables that he is usually averse to.

Disguise The Veggies
Sometimes, kids have gotten so familiar with the look of the vegetables that they associate blandness with them. Even if you try cooking it better or tastier, they would still think that these veggies don’t taste great. To resolve that, disguise the veggies. Hide them in sauces or soups where your kid won’t easily detect them. Then afterwards, ask your child how he liked the food he ate. He’d be surprised when you tell him that vegetables are the main ingredient. Then you can proceed on saying, “See I told you, vegetables are really delicious!”

Be A Good Role Model
Kids learn effectively through observational learning, which is why it is imperative that you finish your veggie plate as well. You can’t expect your child to be excited about his vegetables if you’re not touching yours at all. Be a good role model and show your kid how much you enjoy eating these foods. That way, it would much easier to convince him to try his veggies.

Don’t Give Up
Finally, don’t give up. Ever. Sometimes, it would take children up to 10 times of seeing a food before they would try it. It’s important that you try again and again to feed your child with veggies until he is finally convinced that it is truly worth his time. Just don’t pressure or force your kid as this will only make him feel more adverse to eating these green leafy things.

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