Foolproof Strategies to Eat Healthy in the Office

How many times have you eaten lunch on your desk because you cannot leave your workplace due to piles of documents that need to be done? How many times have your ordered from a fast food restaurant because you cannot think of what to eat for lunch? How many times did you ignore your boring sandwich because your boss invited you to go out? Whether you admit it or not, working in an office makes it difficult to eat a healthy lunch, especially if your officemates are fond of not-so-healthy foods.

Eating healthy while in the office need not be that difficult. Here are helpful tips to eat healthy in the office:

1. Bring your lunch. Lunch presents many opportunities to eat healthy. Prepare your own meals. Make sure to include vegetable and fruits. Avoid takeout lunches as much as possible, for they are expensive, lack nutrients, and contain lots of calories and fats.

2. Create a healthy eating plan. If you are bringing lunch everyday, make it a point to vary your menu. Think in advance as to what you are going to cook for the whole week.

3. Bring your snacks. Do not forget to have a mid-morning snack so that you do not get too hungry come lunchtime. Have a handful of nuts to perk up your mind and body. Vary your snacks every day. You may bring snacks that can be stored at work such as boxes of granola bars, whole-wheat crackers, packages of raisins and nuts, and low-string fat cheese. By storing this on your cupboard, you will have plenty of choices when it is time to have a mid-morning snack. For variety, you can have carrots and other chopped veggies paired with a low-fat dip.

4. Drink plenty of water. Because office workers are so engrossed on their work, they do not drink much during the day. Water is important to eliminate toxins from the body and to keep you feel refreshed all the time. Sometimes, you think you are hungry but the truth is, you just need to drink a glass of water.

5. If your officemates invite you for a lunch out, opt to go to healthy restaurants that have salad bars and freshly made soups on their menu. If they prefer fast food, drop by at a nearby supermarket to pick up some fresh produce for your dessert.

6. Be sure to commit to your healthy eating habits. Think twice before you pick up your food, especially if it is not your usual nutritious selection. It is all right to have some pizza for lunch but make sure to choose vegetarian pizza, for instance. Just in case, always bring something nutritious with you or keep your office area with healthy snacks. This will encourage other people to get into the habit of eating the same foods that you eat.

When you start eating healthy, you will feel stronger and lighter. Moreover, once your co-workers see how much your health improves (you are no longer cranky at work, you are always full of energy, you think fast and are always alert), you can be a positive example to them so that they, too, can make healthier choices when it comes to their food.

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